Reddit Gold

So, we've given you a brief introduction to what Reddit is and how it works.  Now, we're going to take a slight detour and talk to you about Reddit Gold, the premium-tier membership option for

So what is Reddit Gold, and what does it do?

Reddit Gold is the premium subscription service for Reddit, and it offers several benefits.  These include the ability to switch off ads, customize the look of Reddit with themes, highlight new comments on a particular thread, track already-clicked links across multiple devices, and more.

For a list of other benefits of a Gold subscription, see this page on Reddit.

How much is Reddit Gold?

Reddit Gold costs about $4 per month if paid for monthly, or about $2.50 per month if paid for annually (about $30 for an annual subscription).  Reddit also has a promotion where, if you send a postcard to their headquarters in San Fransisco, California, U.S.A., you will receive Reddit Gold free for one month.

Postcards can be mailed to Reddit at the address below:

P.O. Box 7775
San Francisco, CA
94120 – 7775

Is Reddit Gold worth it?

Obviously, Reddit Gold will be most worth it for you if you browse and post content frequently.  However, in a larger sense, Reddit Gold is most worth it if you like the way Reddit runs: independently, and with minimal advertising.  Buying a Reddit Gold subscription helps keep Reddit that way.


Anyway, that's a bit of information about Reddit Gold.  In our next tutorial, we'll look at the pros and cons of Reddit.