How to Redeem Groupon Vouchers


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Where to Find your Voucher

When you’ve purchased a deal on Groupon, you’ll be given a voucher so that you can redeem it for your service or product. Groupon will only email you a confirmation receipt of the voucher.  To find the voucher itself, click on your name (i.e. your account) in the top menu bar, and select My Groupons from the drop-down menu that appears.

From there, you can simply click on the Groupon to select it.

How to Redeem the Voucher

When you select your Groupon, you should see a printable voucher. The voucher will include all of the fine print that you originally saw on the website – including any expiration dates or other rules and restrictions for using the voucher.

If you intend to redeem the voucher online, there will be a Groupon code that you can just copy and paste onto the merchant’s website (being careful not to include any spaces).

If the voucher you received is to be redeemed in person, print out the voucher and present it to the merchant where you will be redeeming your deal. Be careful about just showing up – some deals require you book a reservation or appointment in advance.

If you ever have any questions or concerns regarding the voucher, call up the business offering the Groupon.