How to Rent on SellMyTimeshareNow

Oftentimes, you won't be looking to buy a timeshare outright for repeated use.  Instead, you'll just want to rent one, so that you can enjoy more luxury and space than a typical hotel room would offer (and you might even end up paying less than you would for a hotel room for the same amount of nights). Fortunately, SellMyTimeshareNow features plenty of timeshare rentals by owner that are available for rent rather than for sale. In this tutorial, we'll walk you through the process of sending a rental inquiry to the owner of a timeshare, or booking a timeshare rental immediately through the site’s “Book Now” feature if you're in a hurry to get away.

To rent a timeshare on SellMyTimeshareNow:

  1. Go to in your web browser.  Move your mouse cursor over the Find a Timeshare option at the top of the screen, and then click Timeshare Rentals.

    How to find timeshares for rent on SellMyTimeshareNow

  2. Next, click on the region of the world in which you'd like to search for a timeshare.  For the sake of this exercise, we'll pick the United States.

    How to pick a region of the world in which to search for timeshares for rent

  3. Next, click on sub-regions of the region that you just picked (either on the map on the right or in the list on the left).  For this exercise, we'll pick Florida, then Florida – Northern Gulf Coast, then Bradenton Beach, and finally Smuggler's Cove Resort.

    How to find a specific resort that has timeshares for rent

  4. Once you have narrowed down the resort that you wish to rent a timeshare at, you can use the filters across the top of the screen to restrict available timeshares even further, based on: price range, week of the year that they're available, unit size, and other factors (such as seasonal availability, usage frequency, and available amenities).

    How to filter, sort, and select timeshares for rent

    You can also sort your results by search relevance, resort name, availability (from earliest week to latest and vice-versa), or price (from low to high or vice-versa).

    You can click the number(s) beside "Week(s)" to see a guideline for the dates when this timeshare will be available.

    Click View beside a property that you're interested in.

  5. On the left side of the timeshare's information screen, you can see an overview of what the property looks like and has in terms of basic amenities, the timeshare's technical information, a description of the timeshare, and a list of on-site and nearby amenities.

    How to submit an inquiry about a timeshare for rent

    On the right-hand side of the screen is a form that you can fill out if you would like to contact the owner with regards to renting this timeshare.  Click in each of the boxes provided and type in or select:

    – your first name
    – your last name
    – your email address
    – your phone number
    – the price you're offering for the rental period (in U.S. dollars)
    – the date that you want to check into the timeshare
    – the date that you want to check out of the timeshare
    – the nature of your inquiry (e.g. making an offer, asking for more info, asking for contact info)
    – any additional information that you would like to add

    When you are done filling in the form, click Submit Your Inquiry.  Hopefully, the owner or manager of the property will phone or email you back promptly, and you can work out an arrangement!

To rent a timeshare on SellMyTimeshareNow using the "Book Now" feature:

  1. When you narrow down the area in which to search for timeshares to rent (in step 4 of the preceding section), some properties will give you the option to immediately book them for a set amount of time and at a set price.  You can usually recognize them by if they say "Rental – Online Booking" or "Online Booking Available", or have the Book Now button in place of the View button (you can also use the filters at the top of the screen to search for them).  Click Book Now.

    Timeshares on SellMyTimeshareNow that you can book immediately

  2. As with timeshares that you can inquire about renting, you can see your selected timeshare's overview, description, and nearby amenities.  Click Book Now beside one of the units that you're interested in.

    Selecting a timeshare unit to book

  3. On the right side of the checkout page, you can see an overview of the resort where your timeshare is located, the unit that you're renting, your check-in and check-out dates, and the total cost of your rental.

    Entering your contact information for renting a timeshare

    The first part of confirming your reservation is to enter your contact information.  Under "Who's Traveling?", click in each of the boxes provided and type in your first name, last name, and telephone number (including your country code and/or area code).  This will allow the resort owner/manager (or SellMyTimeshareNow) to get in contact with you if something comes up.

  4. The next step is to determine how you will pay for your timeshare rental.

    Entering your billing information for renting a timeshare

    Under "How Would You Like To Pay?", click in each of the boxes provided and type in or select:

    – your credit card number
    – the month and year that your credit card expires
    – your credit card's security code (click the "?" symbol for help finding it)
    – your full name (as it appears on your credit card)

    If you have a promotional code to reduce the cost of your booking, click in the box labeled "Promo Code," type in your code, and then click Apply.

    Next, under "Billing Address," click in each of the boxes provided and type in or select:

    – your street address
    – your unit number (optional)
    – the country in which you live
    – the city in which you live
    – the state, province, or territory in which you live (if applicable)
    – your area mailing code (if applicable)

  5. To complete the last part of confirming your reservation, start by clicking in the box labeled "Email" under "Where Should We Send Your Confirmation?" and typing in your email address.  You can also click the check boxes here to get emails from SellMyTimeshareNow on discount coupons and price drops, or to have SellMyTimeshareNow email you next year with a reminder that the current property is available for rent.

    Confirming the booking of your timeshare rental

    Once you've done that, read the information under "Review Policies," and maybe also click the link to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.  If everything looks okay, click Agree and Complete Reservation.  Voila!  Your timeshare rental is now booked!


You now know two different methods of renting timeshares on SellMyTimeshareNow: one that involves getting in contact with the owner, and one that involves booking your rental right on  Enjoy your vacation!

If you ARE looking for more of a long-term timeshare solution, our next tutorial will show you how to start the process of buying a timeshare through SellMyTimeshareNow.