How To Reset Your Dropbox Password

If you need to reset your Dropbox password because you forgot it or otherwise can’t get into your account, then here’s what to do.

Steps to reset a Dropbox password

  1. Go to in your web browser and click Sign In in the top-right corner.

  2. Now, instead of logging in (because we’ll assume that you can’t), click Forgot Your Password? in the window that appears.

  3. Click in the box labelled “Email” and type in the email address that you used to sign up for Dropbox, and then click Submit.  This will cause Dropbox to send you an email containing information that will help you reset your account.

  4. Go to your email account and open the email titled “Dropbox Password Reset”.  Then, click Reset Password.

  5. When the new window appears, click in the boxes labelled “New Password” and “Retype Password”, and type a copy of a new password that you want to use for your account into each of them.  (Each copy will appear as bullet points to maintain its privacy).  Then click Submit.

Congratulations!  You can now get back into Dropbox with a new password!  Be sure to write it down so that you won’t forget it, and store it someplace safe!