How to Reset Your Pinterest Password

In the unfortunate event that you can't remember your Pinterest password, or you think that someone else has found a way into your account and it’s no longer secure, there is a simple way to reset your Pinterest password, and we’re going to teach you how to do it.

To reset your Pinterest password:

  1. Go to in your Internet browser.
  2. Click Log In, then Forgot your Password.
  3. Enter your email address in the grey box.
  4. Click Send.
  5. Access the email and click Reset Password.
  6. Enter your new password in the first grey box, confirm it in the second box, and click Change Password.

Do you need a little more detail about how to reset your password? Check out our detailed instructions below with pictures of each step.

Detailed instructions for how to reset a Pinterest password

1. Go to in your Internet browser.

You can use any browser you like, but for this tutorial, we’ll be using Google Chrome.

Visit Pinterest website

2. Attempt to sign into your account.

Click Log In in the top-right corner of the page, as if you were going to log in to your account.

Pinterest log in screen

On the next screen, click Forgot your Password under the red Log In button.

Indicate you have forgotten your Pinterest password

3. Enter your email address to receive an email from Pinterest.

Click in the grey box and enter the email address you used when you signed up for Pinterest. Click Search, and then when you locate the email address you used, click the red Send button underneath the email.

Send an email to recover Pinterest password

4. Access the email, and click the link to reset your password.

Access your email account, and find the email from “[email protected]” and click the Reset Password button in the email. This is a direct link to the reset password page.

Pinterest password email recovery reset

5. Create a new password, confirm it, and save it to your account.

On the page you are taken to, type a new password in the first grey box. Confirm your password by re-typing it into the second grey box. When you’re finished, click Change Password at the bottom of the form.

Pinterest new password form

Tips when changing your password

If you needed to reset your password, you may have forgotten it, or your account may have been accessed by someone else because your password was not secure enough. Check out our tips for changing your password below.

1. Use a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters.

Just using letters is not good enough for today’s modern password. Make sure to use all three of these at least once in your password, although using each multiple times is ideal.

2. Use both upper-case and lower-case letters.

In addition to adding variety to the characters you use, you should make sure to use both upper and lower-case letters for your passwords.

3. Make your password as long and complex as possible.

Though passwords can be difficult to remember, and it’s important to make them complex and long, because each character you add to the length of your password makes it exponentially more difficult to hack or guess.

4. Don’t use information that is easy to guess or obtain from you.

Birthdates, anniversaries, license plate numbers, and the like are all things that many people know about your, can easily find out, or are publicly available. These are commonly used in passwords because they are easy to remember, but this also makes them incredibly easy to guess.

5. Make your password unique and seemingly random.

Making your password unique is important, so avoid using common patterns such as “123456” and so on. The more you make your password unique to you, the easier it will be to remember, no matter how complex or random it is. By adding numbers and making the password seem random to others, it will be nearly impossible to guess.

If you want to learn more about how to make strong passwords, and see examples of bad passwords, check out this great resource.


Voila! You can now access your account again, and comes with a spiffy new password! If you need help simply changing your password because you want to make sure it’s secure, you’d be better suited to our previous tutorial on how to change your password. Remember that having a strong, secure, up-to-date password is important for all of the online services you use.