Search for BBC iPlayer Radio Programs

So, we’ve already shown you how to browse for programs and podcasts on BBC iPlayer Radio.  But what if exploring all of your options is just a hassle and you want to just directly search for a program?  Fortunately, you can do that, and this lesson will show you how.

How to search for BBC iPlayer Radio programs

  1. Go to in your web browser and click in the box that says “Search”.

    The BBC iPlayer Radio search box

  2. Start typing in words or names related to the program that you’re searching for.  As you do so, you will see the screen shift, and new options will appear. 

    BBC iPlayer Radio search suggestions

    If you see the name of a program that you wish to listen to appear as a suggestion, click it to go to its page.  You can also click the option below “A-Z” to search for all programs beginning with the first letter of your search terms.  Or, click the magnifying glass to search for programs that contain the exact key words that you typed in.

  3. All of your results will be displayed on one page.  You can use the filtering options across the top to see only results that match your key words and are:

    – Programs (or episodes of them) that are currently available for listening or download
    – Podcasts
    – Any program on BBC radio, whether or not they are available on iPlayer Radio

    How to filter and select BBC iPlayer Radio search results

    For programs, you can click on their names to go to their respective web pages, or click Show Available Episodes to see which episodes of that program are currently available on BBC iPlayer Radio.

    Episodes of programs that have the pink BBC iPlayer Radio logo beside them are available for listening right now.  Even if they don’t, they may still be available for downloading as podcasts (see our BBC iPlayer Radio Podcasts tutorial here).  Click on an episode’s name to go to its webpage.

  4. If you selected the “A-Z” option in step 2, you can also click one of the letters above the main search filters to only see programs whose titles begin with the chosen letter.  0-9 shows you all programs whose names begin with a number (e.g. “15-Minute Drama”), while ALL shows you all programs available on BBC iPlayer Radio.

    How to do an alphabetical search of BBC iPlayer Radio programs

That’s a quick overview of how to search for programs, episodes, and podcasts on BBC iPlayer Radio!