How to Search

Looking for a specific video clip, event summary, or sports news story on  Use the search feature on to filter and sort your way through's content database until you find what you want!  We'll show you how to do it here.

To search

  1. Go to and click the magnifying glass icon in the main menu.

  2. Type your search terms, and then click a suggestion or click View All Results for "[X]".

  3. Use the search filters and result page navigation to find the result that you want.

  4. Click on the result to access it.

Detailed instructions on how to search

  1. Go to in your web browser.  In the main menu across the top, click the magnifying glass icon. search box and suggestions

    A box will appear allowing you to input your search terms.  As you type, will make suggestions on teams, leagues, or athletes that you may be looking for.  Click a suggestion to go right to its respective page on, or click View All Results for "[Your Search Terms]" to search for all instances of the terms that you typed in.

  2. On the search results screen, you can use the arrow buttons in the top-right corner to move forward or backward in pages of results.  You can also click in the number box here and type in a number to go to a specific page of results. search results

    Click on a result to view it.

  3. If you're having trouble finding what you're looking for right off the bat, tou can filter your results with the options on the left-hand side.  Click All, Stories, Video, Audio, or Photos to only see content of that type as results. content and date search filters

    You can also click in the boxes underneath "Filter By Date" and set a start date and/or end date (in month/day/year numeric fashion) for a filter, and then click Go to only display results posted after the start date and/or before the end date.

  4. You can also narrow down your results by clicking on the "+" icon beside "Refine Search" (clicking the "-" icon hides these options).  Then, click on one of the options here to only show results for a particular sport, section, author, team, "insider"/non-"insider", and so on. advanced search filters

That's a brief overview of how to work the search functions on!