LinkedIn Search

If you’re looking for something particular on LinkedIn, try a search. You can search for people, companies, jobs, groups, educational institutions, stuff that people post, and more! You can also refine your search in various ways, such as narrowing down locations, or filtering based on connections to your industry or people whom you know.


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How to search LinkedIn

  1. Go to in your web browser and log in. 

  2. Click in the search box across the top of the screen and type in something that you’d like to search for on LinkedIn. You can click to select one of the suggestions, or you can click the magnifying glass icon (or press the “Enter” key on your keyboard) to search for exactly what you typed in.

    LinkedIn search bar

  3. Once you’re on the results screen, you can refine your results in various ways. Note that some filters may require you to be subscribed to LinkedIn Premium (so we haven’t listed them here).

    If you’re searching on LinkedIn, you can use the menu across the top to narrow your search based on:

    – Top results
    – People
    – Jobs
    – Posts
    – Companies
    – Groups
    – Schools

    Click on any button to narrow the search to the category you are looking for. By default, the “Top” category will be selected.

    Narrow your search results

  4. If you’re searching for jobs on LinkedIn, you can use the filter menu on the right to narrow your results by:

    – Where the job is located
    – The company offering the job
    – The date that the job was posted
    – The general job role
    – The industry that the companies offering jobs are in
    – The experience level required for job applicants

    Here’s an example of what the search filters look like on the right side of the screen:

    Use search result filters

    Click any box to include only results that meet that criteria. Click any drop-down arrow to expand the filter results.

    See our tutorial on how to find a job on LinkedIn for more information on how to search for and apply for a job on the website that is helping employ more and more people – everyday.

  5. If you’re searching for people, you can narrow you search by:

    – Connections level: 1st, 2nd, 3rd+
    – Keywords
    – Locations
    – Current companies
    – Past companies
    – Industries
    – Profile language
    – Nonprofit interests
    – Schools

  6. If you’re searching for messages that you’ve sent or received on LinkedIn, you will be taken to your message inbox. See our LinkedIn Messages tutorial for more information.

  7. Another useful tool is to create a search alert. If you’re always searching for the same keywords for jobs, you can click Create Search Alert at the top of your search to be alerted when new jobs appear meeting your search criteria.

    Create search alerts

    You can do this for you searches for jobs, or for people.


Those are how to do some of the different kinds of searches on LinkedIn! Hopefully that will help you find something useful, like a great new contact or a job in your field.