How to Search

Looking for a specific course on  Or looking to learn a particular skill or piece of software, but aren’t sure which course teaches it?  There are all sorts of ways that you can search for things on Lynda. This tutorial will show you how to find courses, videos, playlists, and even resources outside Lynda!

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Go to in your web browser and log in.
  2. Click in the box with the magnifying glass beside it and start typing in what you want to search for.  As you do, Lynda will open a drop-down menu with some suggestions on popular things that people search for (at the top of the list) and some courses that most closely match your search terms (at the bottom of the list).

    Click on a keyword suggestion to search using those keywords, or click on a course suggestion to go right to that course.  Or, you can click the magnifying glass (or press the “Enter” key on your keyboard) to search for exactly what you typed in.

  3. This is your results screen.  The most important filtering options are at the top left, where you can decide whether the results whose titles, descriptions, or transcripts match your search terms are:

    – anything on
    – playlists of videos created by Lynda
    – courses
    – individual course videos
    – specialty blog articles
    – general website pages

    If you’re looking for courses or videos, you will also have additional filtering options.  These include:

    – the estimated skill level required for the video or course
    – the general topic that the video our course covers
    – the software, application, or technology that the video or course covers
    – the company that makes the software, application, or technology in the video or course
    – the author of the video or course
    – whether or not the course or video has closed captioning options

  4. In most cases, you can simply click on the name of a result to go to it.  However, the last few steps will cover some extra things that you can do, depending on what kind of content  you’re searching for.

    If you’re looking for courses, click the course name or Watch Now in the video thumbnail to go to that course.  You can also click Preview to watch an introductory video to the course, or — depending on how you’re searching — click on the name of a video in that course to go straight to that video.

    You can also click the plus sign next to the arrow to add a course to a playlist (see our How to Take a Lynda Course tutorial for more on creating and viewing playlists), or click See More Courses to see more results that are similar to this one.

  5. If you’re looking for playlists, click on the playlist name to go to it and see what courses it contains, or click the plus sign in the top-left corner of the thumbnail picture to track this playlist on your account.  (This will change the plus sign to a checkmark; click it again to stop tracking the playlist.)

  6. If you’re looking for videos, click on the video name to go to it, or click on the name beside “From Course” to go to the course that contains the video.

Those are the basics of searching on the Lynda website!