How to Search

If you want to find something in particular on, the "search" function can help you with that.  Find a specific video or group of related videos, or get more information on a presenter whom you like.  You can also look for written articles on about topics that you're interested in, or even seek out information about independently-run TED conferences that might be happening in your area!


  1. Go to in your web browser and log in.

  2. Click in the box labelled "Search" in the upper-right corner and type in what you want to look for.  Then click the magnifying glass icon.

  3. You will be taken to your results.  Here, you can use the options in the bottom-right corner to navigate the different pages of results.  Previous will take you back one page of results, Next will take you forward one page of results, and clicking on a number here will take you to a specific results page.  The number in red font shows you what results page you are currently on.

  4. You can also use the options on the left-hand side to filter what kinds of results you see.  The number beside each category of results tells you how many of that type of results found with your current search.

    Click on a category to only see results that are:

    Talks: video lectures and presentations from technology, entertainment, and design experts
    People: information about presenters featured in videos and articles
    Playlists: groups of related videos put together by
    Blog posts: written articles contributed by TED presenters and other experts
    Pages: general web pages on that have to do with your search terms
    TEDx Events: information on local, independently-run TED events that you can attend

  5. Usually, you can simply click on a result's name, preview picture, or Internet address to go to it.

Those are the basics of searching on!