How to Sell on AliExpress

To sell on AliExpress, you currently need to own a business in mainland China.  AliExpress is considering expanding their eligible seller pool beyond mainland China, but so far they have not. 


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In the meantime, you can check various Alibaba Group and AliExpress information outlets for any news on this front.

How will I know when I’ll be able to sell on AliExpress?

You can check out the AliExpress Seller Center, but unless you know how to read Chinese or have some sort of translator program, it might be difficult to get anywhere.  Even then, you may not be able to set up a seller account if you don’t have shipping or billing details that correspond to mainland China.

Our best advice on this front, besides checking back at AliExpress occasionally, would be to sign up for the AliExpress newsletter.  To do so, go to and scroll down the screen until you see the box labelled “Subscription”.  Click in the box, type in your email address, and click Subscribe.  You can also click on the social media buttons below the box to follow AliExpress on Facebook, VK (VKontakte), OK (OdnoKlassniki), and Twitter.

You may also want to contact AliExpress and ask them the question directly.  Check out this tutorial that explains how to contact AliExpress customer service tutorial to find out how.

That’s all we can tell you about selling on AliExpress for now!