Senior Planet Events

Senior Planet is full of articles with advice on how to live your golden years to the fullest.But all those wise words are only helpful if you get out in the world and act on them! Fortunately, Senior Planet has a section where you can find out about and sign up for senior-themed social events, either at Senior Planet’s headquarters or around the New York City area.

To get to this section, go to in your web browser, and click Calendar in the menu on the left side of the screen.

How to Find / Attend a Senior Planet Event

  1. In the main window of the “Calendar” page, you will see what month you are seeing events for. The default view is a week-by-week view. Click Last Week to see events from the previous week, or click Next Week to see what events are coming up.  You can also click Monthly View to switch to a month-by-month view.

  2. Events are color-coded. Those whose titles appear in blue or green are put on by Senior Planet, while those whose titles appear in grey are general events around New York City.  If you see an event that you might be interested in, click on its title, or click Read More at the end of the preview.

  3. You will now see an overview of the event. The general info includes the title, date, time, location, cost, and whether you need to RSVP or not. Below that is a detailed explanation of the event, which usually includes who you should contact if you wish to join the event.

    Below the detailed description are directions for getting to the event on the New York City subway. And underneath that is a link to the website of the organization hosting the event. Beneath that, you can click Previous Event or Next Event to look at other events.

How to create a Senior Planet event

If you know of an event in New York City that your fellow seniors might enjoy, then you can add it to Senior Planet’s calendar. Who knows… someone else who goes to the event might become a new friend for you!

  1.  Go to in your web browser and click on Calendar in the left-hand menu.

  2. Scroll down the page until you see Submit Your Event in the left-hand menu, and click it.

  3. You can set up the information for the event on this page. Note that only sections marked with an asterisk (*) need to be filled out, but the more information you give, the easier it will be for people to know what the event is and how to find it. There’s quite a bit of information that you can input, so we’ll break it down for you. We’ll start with the essential information.

    Click in the boxes shown in the screenshot above and type in and/or select:

    – the name of the event
    – when the event will be held
    – when the event will conclude
    – the hour, minute, and time of day (in Eastern Standard Time) the event will begin
    – the hour, minute, and time of day (in Eastern Standard Time) the event will end
    – where the event will be held
    – how much it costs to attend the event (you can put multiple prices here for different groups of people)
    – a URL address for a website with more information about the event

  4. Next, we’ll look at the event’s description and whether or not it repeats. Click in the box marked “Description of Event” and type in some general information about the event, like why it’s being put on, what will happen at it, and where to get tickets or RSVP.

    Next, you can set up if you want to hold this event multiple times. Click one of the buttons below the description box to choose when your event will be held again. If you choose one of the bottom three options, you will have to specify, respectively:

    – whether your event will repeat after days or weeks, and how many
    – what date of each month your event will be held on
    – which weekday of a specific week in each month your event will be held on

    You can also click in the box labeled “Repeat Expires” and type in a date that you want the event to stop repeating.

  5. Finally, we’ll look at setting up the event’s contact information, as well as the event itself. Click in each of the boxes under “Event Contact Information” and type in details about the person who should be contacted for more information about the event, including:

    – their name
    – their email address
    – what organization they belong to (optional)
    – their phone number

    Next, below “RSVP Mandatory,” click the button beside “Yes” or “No” to decide if participants need to reserve a spot at the event, or if they can just show up. When you’re all set, click Submit to post your event and let the Senior Planet community know what’s happening!

And those are the basics of finding, joining, and creating events on Senior Planet!