How to Share Amazon Prime

Last updated: September 14, 2015 - 12:21pm EDT

Amazon has a feature for Amazon Prime users called the Amazon Household Program.  It allows an Amazon Prime user to share its benefits and costs, including media-sharing across Amazon devices and applications, with up to one other adult and up to four children in their family.

To share Amazon Prime

  1. Go to in your web browser and log in.

  2. Move your mouse cursor over "Hello, [Your Name]: Your Account" and click Your Prime Membership.

  3. Scroll down until you see Share Your Prime Benefits.  Click that, and then click the word "here" at the end of the paragraph (it's highlighted blue to indicate that it's a hyperlink).

  4. Scroll down to the "Households and Family Library" section, and click Add an Adult.

  5. If the person whom you wish to share Amazon Prime with already has an Amazon account, have them type in their email and password, and then click Verify Account.  Otherwise, click Create a New Account, and fill out the form on the next page with their name, two copies of their email address, and two copies of a password.  Then click Create Your Amazon Account.

  6. On the next page, make sure that the button beside "We Authorize Payment Sharing" is selected (and click it to do so if it isn't).  Then click Create Household.

  7. To stop sharing Amazon Prime, move your mouse cursor over "Hello, [Your Name]: Your Account", and click Manage Your Content and Devices.

  8. Click the Settings tab at the top of the screen.

  9. Scroll down to the "Households and Family Library" section.  Click the person whom you wish to stop sharing Amazon Prime with, and then click Remove This Person from This Household.  (You will have to confirm in a pop-up window that this is what you wish to do.

That's how to share Amazon Prime with your family!


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