How To Share Dropbox Files and Folders in Windows

If you have the Dropbox program installed on your Windows computer, there are two ways that you can share files and folders by using it.  The first is to place said files and folders inside a shared folder that you or someone else has already created on the Dropbox website.  The second is to use the program itself to copy a direct link to a file to share.

As we mentioned, some sharing options are only available on the Dropbox website, so visit our How to Share Files and Folders on tutorial to learn about them.

How to share a file or folder in Dropbox for Windows

  1. Find the “Dropbox folder” on your computer (see our How to Use Dropbox for Windows tutorial for instructions on how to do this) and open it.

  2. Find a shared folder (remember, it has a picture of two people beside it), or a folder inside a shared folder.  Then, simply click and hold the left mouse button down on a file or folder that you want to share, and then drag it over to the shared folder (or folder inside the shared folder), and release the mouse button.

Presto!  That file or folder will be shared with the person or people with whom you’ve shared the shared folder it’s inside.

How to share a link to a file in Dropbox for Windows

  1. If you have the Dropbox program for Windows installed and running, click on the Dropbox icon () in the lower-right toolbar, and then click Share Link beside a file that has recently changed inside Dropbox.

  2. From there, just find a box where you can input text (say, on your social media account), and then right-click and select Paste from the menu that appears to share the link.

Those are the two ways that you can share files or folders in Dropbox for Windows!