How to Share Flickr Photos

In our last tutorial, we showed you how to upload your photos to Flickr.  If you don't have any photos (or videos) on Flickr yet, we suggest doing that tutorial first.

Once you have some photos on Flickr, you can share them with other people in emails, or post them to your various social media feeds.  You can share your photos one at a time, or you can share multiple photos in albums, or even your entire Flickr collection!  All your photos, shared from one place… isn't that convenient?

To share photos on Flickr

  1. Go to in your web browser and log in.

  2. Move your mouse cursor over You, and click Camera Roll.  This will take you to a page containing all of your photos on Flickr, organized by the date that they were taken.

    The Flickr Camera Roll

  3. Click on the photos that you wish to share in order to select them; they will be highlighted in blue and have a checkmark on them.  (Click them again to deselect them.)

    Select and share your Flickr photos

    Once you've selected photos that you wish to share, click the Share button at the bottom of the screen.

  4. A window will pop up asking where you wish to share this photo.  If you click Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, or Pinterest, simply log into the chosen service when you are prompted, and follow the instructions from there.

    Sharing Flickr photos to social media accounts

  5. If you click Mail, then click in the box labelled "Screen Name or Email" and type in a person's email address or user name on Flickr.  Then, if you wish, you can click in the box labelled "Include a Message" and type in a greeting or some sort of explanation about the photo you're sharing.  Then click Share.

    Sharing Flickr photos through email or internal messages

  6. If you want to share multiple photos at once when viewing an Album or your Photostream, look for the Share button and click it (it looks like a curved arrow pointing right).  Then, just follow step 4 or 5.

    Share sets of Flickr photos


That's how to share photos on Flickr!  Easy, right?