How to Download and Sign Up for Vine Camera

Now that we’ve told you a bit of info about Vine Camera and reviewed Vine’s strong and weak points, it’s time to get started using it.  This tutorial will show you the steps required to sign up for Vine.

To sign up for Vine Camera, you will first need to download and install the Vine application for your mobile device from your device’s application store. You no longer need to sign up for a Vine account to use it – you can start using it right away! NOTE: The images here are for devices running the Google Android operating system, but we’ve got instructions for this, as well as for devices running on Apple iOS, such as iPads or iPhones.

How to download and install Vine Camera

  1. Open your App Store or Google Play Store by tapping on the icon.

    Google Play icon

  2. Tap the search bar, and type “Vine” or “Vine Camera” and tap the first result.

    Search bar in Google Play Store

  3. Tap the Install button, or Get and then Install for Apple devices.

    Install Vine button

  4. Wait for the app to download, then tap Open to use it.

    Open app button

Now that you have the app downloaded, can start using it to create Vine videos right away. Simply tap the Vine Camera icon on your home screen at any time to open the app.

Vine Camera app icon

Make sure when you sign up, you read the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service and tap I Agree.

Agree to Terms of Use for Vine Camera


There you go! Your Vine Camera account is ready to go! Our next two tutorials will go into how the Vine application actually works, and how you can use it to create and share great videos.