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It's called Sixty and Me, but what about Sixty and Me... and YOU?  Read on to see what might persuade you to make this website a personal favourite, or otherwise pass it by.


  • Most content is free; donations accepted -- Most of Sixty and Me's content is free of charge to access, including its articles, its discussion forums, and a few of its video collections.  Though, if you're feeling generous, you can donate to the project, too!

  • Learn and join the discussion -- There's a lot of information and advice to look at and talk about on subjects including health, beauty, finance, travel, dating, retirement, and family. 

  • It pays to be a member -- If you sign up for an account on Sixty and Me, you can choose what you want to receive news on, or you can see it all!  Also, you can get exclusive news and discounts on Sixty and Me's paid products.

  • Get more on social media -- Can't get enough of Sixty and Me?  The website itself is only where it begins, not where it ends.  Follow Sixty and Me on your social networks, including Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.


  • This one's for the ladies -- Sixty and Me has a somewhat specific target audience.  Unless you're a woman over 60, you probably won't find much on this website that interests you.

  • Pay-to-view -- Not all of Sixty and Me's content is free.  Some of its video collections, for example, require you to pay in order to access them.  However, they do offer a money-back guarantee.

  • It's a work in progress -- Sixty and Me doesn't have many professional video collections yet, but they are taking suggestions as to what they should do next!

The Bottom Line: 9/10 (for 60+ women)

What makes this website so unique is that it serves a relatively large demographic, and yet there aren't many other websites out there with such comprehensive information, advice, and social tools tailored towards older adult women.  Even then, Sixty and Me gives you quite a bit of flexibility: signing up for an account allows you to choose what kinds of articles you want to see news about, and you can get different viewpoints by talking with other Sixty and Me users on the message forums.  Or, you can visit Sixty and Me's spaces on social networks and chat with people there. 

There are two principal weaknesses to this website.  One is that its content is not entirely free (though there are ways to get refunds on some of it).  The other is that most of the content is written by Margaret Manning herself.  This means that it doesn't get produced as quickly as it would on a website with more staff.  It also comes from a pretty specific viewpoint (which can be good or bad, depending on whether or not you like that viewpoint).  And, of course, if you aren't a woman or in the age-60 ballpark, you might not get a whole lot of use out of the website.


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