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Last updated: February 2, 2016 - 9:19pm EST

What is a Snapchat "friend"?

Simply put, your "friends" on Snapchat are your Snapchat contacts: other Snapchat users whom you know and have connected with.  They may be existing contacts who happen to use Snapchat, friends or family whom you invite to use Snapchat, or new people you meet who invite you to be their Snapchat "friend".

How to find friends on Snapchat

There are 5 different ways to find friends on Snapchat: search for someone's user name, add or invite people to Snapchat from your device's address book, scan someone's "Snapcode", find users near your current location who are also looking for friends, or send your Snapchat user name to other users.

You can also add or invite people in your device's address book to Snapchat when you first set up your Snapchat account.  See our How to Use Snapchat tutorial for information on how to do that.

Detailed instructions for how to find Snapchat friends

  1. Turn on your mobile device and tap Snapchat to open it.  Then, log in (if you aren't already logged in).

  2. Tap the ghost icon in the top-middle portion of the screen.

  3. Tap Add Friends.

  4. There are several different methods for adding friends on Snapchat, which we will cover in the proceeding steps.  Tap the method that you wish to use.

  5. Add by User Name allows you to add someone as a friend by entering their corresponding user name.  Tap where it says "User Name" and type in the user name of the person whom you want to add as a friend on Snapchat.  When their user name appears below, tap the "+" button beside it to add them as a friend.

  6. Add from Address Book allows you to add contacts on your mobile device who already use Snapchat as friends, or invite them to use Snapchat and become your friends.  Simply tap the "+" icon beside one of your contacts to add them as a friend on Snapchat.  If they do not already have Snapchat, you will instead send them a text message (using either Google Hangouts or your phone's default texting system) inviting them to download and join Snapchat.  If they do, then you will automatically add them as a friend.

  7. Add by Snapcode allows you to scan a photo on your mobile device to see if it contains someone's "Snapcode".  A "Snapcode" is an image that hides information about you as a Snapchat user in the way that it is drawn, sort of like the bar codes on your groceries.   You can read more about Snapcodes here.

    Simply tap one of your pictures to have Snapchat scan it, and see if it recognizes a Snapcode.  If it does, the person whom it belongs to will be added as your friend on Snapchat.

  8. Add Nearby allows you to search for other people who are also using Snapchat's "Add Nearby" function in your general area.  If anyone is, their name will appear in the list; tap the "+" icon beside it to add them as a friend.

  9. Finally, Share User Name allows you to create and send/post a message that shows others your user name on Snapchat, and provides a link that lets them add you as a friend.  As you can see here, this can be done over several different services.

That's our explanation of what "friends" on Snapchat are, and how to find more of them!


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