SoundCloud Groups

What are SoundCloud groups?

"Groups" on SoundCloud are collections of SoundCloud users who have similar tastes in music and audio.  Group members can share tracks with the entire group at the same time, so you can think of a SoundCloud group as a SoundCloud playlist that lots of different people can work on all at once!

Note that all SoundCloud groups are relatively public; the only privacy controls concern whether or not certain songs can be shared with the group, and whether or not specific people are blocked from joining or contributing to the group.

How to join, contribute to, or leave a SoundCloud group

  1. Go to in your web browser and log in.

  2. The easiest way to find a SoundCloud group is to search for one, so head over to our SoundCloud Search tutorial to learn how to search on SoundCloud.

  3. Once you find a group that you wish to join, click Join beneath it.

    Button to join a SoundCloud group

  4. Once you've joined a group, click your user name in the top-right corner, and select Groups from the drop-down menu.  Then, click on the name of the group that you wish to view.

    Selecting one of your SoundCloud groups

  5. Click Upload to Group if you'd like to search your computer for an audio file you made that you think your group would like to hear.  Or, click the Joined button to leave the group.

    How to share with or leave a SoundCloud group

How to create, manage, or delete a SoundCloud group

  1. Assuming that you're still logged into SoundCloud, go to this link.

  2. You should now see the form that you will need to fill out in order to start your group.

    Form for creating a SoundCloud group

    Click in each of the first three boxes and type in (respectively) a name for the group, a short description for the group (which will show up in search results), and a full description for the group (which will show up when someone visits your group page).  Note that the group name is the only mandatory thing that you have to write right now.

    You can also click Upload Image and search your computer for a picture to represent your group with.  You can also mark or unmark the check box here by clicking it; if it's unmarked, you (or someone whom you designate as a group moderator) will have to approve any tracks that people share with the group.

    When you're all set, click Save Group.

  3. You should be taken to your new group's page (which you can also get to by clicking your user name in the top-right corner, and then Groups, and then the name of your group).  To edit various things about your group, click Moderate.

    Button for editing a SoundCloud group

  4. You can now use the buttons underneath your group name to edit your group's details, edit the members of your group (including promoting some to moderators and kicking other people out of the group), or sharing your group on your social media accounts.

    SoundCloud group options and functions

    You can also use the menus below that to edit what tracks are shared with the group, as well as to post and edit comments for discussion within the group.

  5. If you click the Edit button (either on your group's main page or on your moderation page), you can edit your group's details.  Also, below the Save Group button, you can click Delete This Group if you wish to disband the group.  (Click Yes to confirm that you wish to do this.)

    Button to delete a SoundCloud group

That's a bit about SoundCloud groups!  Why not join one and share your musical passion?


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