SoundCloud Settings

There are a number of different ways to customize your SoundCloud experience, from what people can see on your profile to what kinds of emails you get to what other social networks your SoundCloud updates appear on.


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To access your SoundCloud settings, go to in your web browser and log in. Then, click the three dots in the top-right corner and select Settings from the drop-down menu.

Accessing your SoundCloud settings

Besides Pro Plan (which deals with your paid subscription, if you have one), there are six categories of settings for SoundCloud; click one to access settings for that category. We’ll go over them in detail below.

Categories of SoundCloud settings

SoundCloud settings categories

Profile settings

Settings for your SoundCloud profile

These settings control what information about you is visible on your SoundCloud profile page.

Content settings

Settings for sharing your SoundCloud content

With these settings, you can set up an R.S.S. (“really simple syndication”), which people can subscribe to in order to get new music from you as soon as you upload it to SoundCloud. You can also apply “creative commons” licensing to any new music that you upload, which means that you’re allowing other people to modify it and perhaps even use it for commercial purposes.

Generally, these are advanced settings that you won’t be using if you’re just on SoundCloud to listen to stuff, so don’t worry about them too much. We’re just letting you know that they’re there.

Account settings

SoundCloud account settings

 There are three things that you can do with these settings.

The first is changing your password if you want a stronger password protecting your account. Under “Password”, click Send Reset Password Link to send yourself an email with a hyperlink that will allow you to change your password. See our How to Change Your SoundCloud Password tutorial (here) for further instructions.

You can also click the drop-down menus under “Basic Information” to change information related to your birth month and year, as well as your gender.

Finally, you can click Delete Account to begin the process of deleting your SoundCloud account. See our How to Delete Your SoundCloud Account tutorial for specific instructions.

Connections settings

Connecting SoundCloud to other accounts

These settings allow you to manage how your SoundCloud account interacts with other social media accounts.

Click one of the buttons under “Connect to Your Accounts” and log into that account to be able to quickly share information about your new tracks, playlists, and favorites in an update on that account.

You can also click either of the two text boxes underneath “Sharing Note” and type in a default update for your social media accounts whenever you upload a new track or create a new playlist, or you mark a track as a “favorite”. Click Save beside the box to lock in your new message.

The “Connected Applications” section shows what Internet accounts and applications you have allowed to access your information on SoundCloud. Click Revoke Access beside an account or application name to disconnect it from your SoundCloud account.

Email settings

Managing how and when you get emails from SoundCloud

With these settings, you can manage what email addresses SoundCloud can contact you at, as well as what kinds of email communication you will receive from SoundCloud.

At the top, under “Email Addresses”, you will see which email addresses you have registered with SoundCloud. Click the button beside an address to set it as the main one that SoundCloud will send emails to. You can also click in the box under “Add Another Email Address” and type in another email address (that you control, of course), then click Add to add it to your account. This is useful in case you lose access to one of your email accounts, but need to reset your SoundCloud password.

Under “Activity Notifications”, you can click the check boxes to choose to have (or not have) SoundCloud send emails to you when:

  • Someone shares a track or playlist to you and a few others

  • One of your followers shares a track with you

  • Someone sends you a private message

  • Someone “favorites” or comments on one of your tracks

  • A track is submitted to one of your groups, and requires approval

  • Someone re-posts one of your tracks

You can also click the check boxes under “Email Messages” to allow (or disallow) emails from SoundCloud regarding:

  • New partnerships that SoundCloud has made, and contests run by SoundCloud or its partners

  • New features on SoundCloud, and invitations to SoundCloud events

  • Surveys that you can fill out to provide feedback and advice for SoundCloud

Privacy settings

Controlling your privacy on SoundCloud

These settings allow you to partially control who can contact you and see certain information about you on SoundCloud.

Under “Stealth Mode”, if you have the check box marked, then other users will not be able to see your profile name in their stats when you listen to their tracks (but they will still be able to see what country you’re from and what page you listened to their track on).

Under “Messaging Settings”, you can choose who is able to send you private messages on SoundCloud. Click a button beside an option to choose “Everyone” or “Only People That I Follow”.


That wraps up our primer on SoundCloud settings! We hope some of them are of use to you!