Browsing on Stitch

Once you’re verified on Stitch, it’s time to start looking for people to hook up with!  When you’re ready to start looking for companions on Stitch — romantic or otherwise — here’s how to do it.

NOTE: You can still browse for companions on Stitch if you aren’t verified, but you can’t see their name or any of their photos, and you can’t communicate with them in any way.

  1. Go to in your web browser and log in.  When you get to your main page, click Profiles.

  2. The next screen will show you a quick snapshot of your latest potential match, including their picture, whether or not they’ve completed Stitch’s verification process, what kind of relationship they’re looking for (romantic, casual, or both), and where they are in the world.

    If at any time you want to go back to your main page, click Home in the top-left corner.

  3. Simply scroll up and down to view your potential match’s profile. In the “Interests” section, click See All Interests if you can’t see all of them at once.  You can also use the scroll bar in the “Pictures” section to look through the photos they have posted, if they have posted quite a few. 

  4. If you feel that the potential match you’re viewing just isn’t who you’re looking for, click the Not Interested button.  A confirmation window will pop up, asking if you’re really not interested, because this means that Stitch will never show you their profile again.  Click Yes if you’re sure that this is what you want.

    NOTE: The person will not receive a notification that you’re not interested in them, even if they show interest in you. 

  5. If you feel that the potential match is someone you might want to get in contact with, click I’m Interested.  This will send that person a notification that you have done so.  If they also click I’m Interested when viewing your profile, you will receive a notification that you are both “Stitched”!

    If you “Stitch” with someone, you will have the option to click Start Chatting to begin communicating with them right away.  (See our Stitch Communication tutorial for instructions on how to do this.)  If you don’t feel like it right now, click Continue Browsing.

  6. If you just aren’t sure whether someone you’re viewing would be a good match right now, click the Maybe Later button.  This will tell Stitch to show you this profile again after you’ve looked at all of your new potential matches.

  7. Finally, if you see something on a potential match’s profile that doesn’t look quite right, like a picture that’s out of place, or a description of themselves that doesn’t match up with their interests, you can click Report This User

    This will send an alert to Stitch’s customer support team, and they will investigate the profile to see if anything’s wrong with it, and block that person’s account if they are found to be abusing the website.

Those are the basics of browsing for matches on Stitch!