Stitch Communication

So you’ve seen a few people on Stitch that you wouldn’t mind dating or just spending time with.  Great!  Now, how do you take the next step of inviting one out for coffee, or perhaps a funny movie, or some other fun activity?

In order to communicate with other users on Stitch, two things have to happen:

  1. You have to be “stitched” (matched) with that user.  This means that not only do you have to have viewed their profile and clicked I’m Interested, but they have to have viewed your profile and clicked I’m Interested as well.

  2. You both have to have your identities verified on Stitch.  See our Stitch Verification tutorial to learn how to do this for yourself.

How to communicate on Stitch

  1. Go to in your web browser and log in.  When you get to the main page, click Stitches in the top-right corner.  (It will have a green dot beside it if you have any new “stitches”, or a new message from an existing “stitch”.)

  2. This page is where you’ll see all of the people that are as interested in you as you are in them.  They will be highlighted in green if they are new, or have left you a new message.  Find a person that you want to contact, and then click Open Stitch.

  3. Here, you’ll have some options as to what to do with this match.  Click View Profile to see their full profile, or click inside the box that says “Click here to write [person’s name] a message”, type in something you want to say to or ask them, and then click Send (which will appear once you’ve written something).

    If they send you something back, it will show up here, too.  As explained above, your Stitches button will have a green dot beside it if you have a new “stitch” or message, and a “stitch” will be highlighted if they’re new or have sent you a new message.

    You can also click Back in the top-left corner if you don’t want to do anything with this match and would rather look at other matches.

  4. You can also click Call [Person’s Name] to initiate a secure phone call with the person.  Note that for this to work, both you and the person you’re attempting to call must:

    – have their identities verified on Stitch (as we mentioned above)
    – have provided Stitch with a phone number (usually during account creation)
    – be on the “Standard” subscription (see our Stitch Settings tutorial for more info)

  5. You will now see a screen like this one.  Use a phone to call the phone number that appears on your screen (i.e. not the one in the screenshot below), and when you’re prompted, use your phone to dial the P.I.N. that appears on your screen, too. 

    This allows you to use an anonymous random phone line to call someone you meet on Stitch without revealing any personal information… until you’re ready, of course.

  6. If you’ve talked for a while and decide that things aren’t working out with this “stitch”, you can delete them by going back to Stitches and clicking the “X” in the corner of the person’s profile.

    You will have to click Yes, Delete in the window that pops up in order to delete this “stitch”.  Note that this means that you will never be able to find this person’s profile again, and neither of you will be able to communicate with each other over Stitch again, so be sure that this is what you want!

And those are the ways that you can communicate with your matches on Stitch!