Stitch Community

Stitch is more than just a place to meet up with fellow older adults for dating or companionship, you know!  The website also has its own community for discussing topics relevant to older adults looking to get back on the social scene, including dating advice, financial tips, and even just updates on what Stitch is planning next.  You can speak your mind on issues that you feel passionate about, have a conversation with other Stitch users, share something you think will be interesting or useful with someone else, suggest a new article, or continue the connection on social media.

To start, go to in your web browser and log in.  Then, click on Community.

How to read, comment on, and share a Stitch Community article

  1. Find a story that you’d like to read, and click on it to see more details.

  2. Once you’ve read a story, if you’d like to comment on it, scroll to the bottom of the screen, to the section titled “Leave a Comment”.  Click in each of the text boxes here and type in your name, email address, website address (optional), and your comment. 

    Click either or both of the check boxes here to receive an email when someone else comments on this article, or responds to a comment that you made on this article.  Then click Post Comment.

  3. If someone else has already commented on the article, you can click Reply beside the comment to make a comment in response to their comment.  Then, just follow step 2.

  4. You can also click the social media icons near the top of the article (from left to right, they are Facebook, Twitter, email, Google Plus, and Pinterest) to share this article with someone else.  You will have to log into the account that you choose and allow Stitch to post on your behalf, or — if you selected email — choose an email client and use it to send a message.

    NOTE: The numbers over each logo tell you how often this article has been shared using that method.

  5. If you like this article, you can click one of the red terms that we’ve highlighted in the boxes in the screenshot below to see articles from a similar category, that were posted on the same day, or that were written by the same author.

    NOTE: There are also category options down the left-hand side, if you want to view an article in a completely different category.

How to suggest a Stitch Community article or ask a question

  1. Back on the main Community page, along the right-hand side, you will see the Request a Blog Topic and Ask Sandy a Travel Question buttons.

    Click the first one if you have a general idea for a Stitch article that you would like to see, or click the second one if you have a question about travelling as an older adult (that you think other Stitch users would want to know the answer to) for Sandy Lipkowitz, Stitch’s resident travel expert.

  2. Once you click one of these buttons, a window will pop up asking you to select an email client to use to send your request to Stitch.  (This is the same thing that happens for sharing an article with someone over email, so read on if you need help with that.)  Click an option (or click Choose… and search through your computer files for one, such as Microsoft Outlook) and then click Ok.

  3. From there, just write and send your message like you would with a regular email!

How to connect with Stitch on social media

  1. On the main Community page, you will see a section on the right-hand side titled “Like Us on Facebook”.  Click to go to Stitch’s page on Facebook, or click the Like button to log into your Facebook account (if you have one) and automatically “Like” and follow Stitch’s page.

  2. You can also reach Stitch’s social media pages from pretty much any article on the Stitch Community.  While viewing an article, under the “Follow Us” section, click on one of the social media icons (from left to right, they are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Stitch’s R.S.S. Feed) to take you to Stitch’s page on that website.

    NOTE: Stitch’s R.S.S. (stands for Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication) Feed isn’t really a social media website; it’s basically just a condensed text list of all of the articles that Stitch posts on its web log (or blog), so you can search through them quickly.

Anyway, those are a few ways that you can interact with the Stitch community writ large!