Stitch Settings

You might need to make a few tweaks to how Stitch works for you in order to get the most out of it, and that’s okay.  You can change things like:

  • What kind of relationship you’re looking for

  • How far away you want your matches to be

  • Your account email address and password

  • Your subscription plan

To get started, go to in your web browser and log in.  Click Menu when you get to your main screen, and then click Settings.

You will be taken to a page that will allow you to select which category of settings you want to look at.  Click one to see the specific settings that you can change, or click Home to go back to your main screen.  You can also click Logout to log out of your Stitch account from here.

Search Criteria

Here, you can change:

  • Your gender setting

  • Whether you’re looking for a romantic or casual relationship (or either)

  • What gender of person you’re looking for a relationship with (male, female, or either)

  • The geographical proximity in which Stitch will search for matches for you

  • The phone number that Stitch can use to contact you

You’ll recognize these settings as the same when you signed up for Stitch, so visit our How to Sign Up for Stitch tutorial if you need help understanding what they mean. 

Click Save Settings at the bottom to accept any changes and go back to the “Settings” menu, or click Back in the top-left corner to go back to the “Settings” menu and discard any changes.

Account Information Settings

You can do a couple of things related to your overall account here:

  • To change the email associated with your account, click inside the box labelled “Your Email”, press the “Backspace” key on your keyboard until your email address is deleted, and then type in the new one that you want to use for your account.  Then click Change to send an email to the new address that you entered, asking you to confirm it.  Click the web address highlighted in blue in the email to confirm your new email address for your Stitch account.

  • To change your Stitch account password, first click Change Your Password.  Then click inside the box marked “Current Password” and type in your current password.  Next, click inside the box marked “New Password” and type in your new password.  Do the same thing for the box marked “Confirm New Password”.  (All three will appear as bullet points to protect them from prying eyes.)  Then click Change Password.

  • To delete your Stitch account, click Delete Your Account.  A box will pop up asking you if you really want to delete your account.  Type in the word “delete” and then click OK, if that’s what you really want to do.  Once you delete your account, there is no way to get it back, and you’ll have to create a new one, so give this decision some thought!

When you’re done, click Back to go back to the “Settings” menu.

Verification Settings

This is where you can see whether or not your identity has been verified on Stitch.  If it hasn’t, you will see options for having your identity verified here.  You cannot see full profiles of Stitch users, or contact them in any way, until your identity is verified on Stitch.  Also, you cannot join or suggest events or trips until you are verified.  See our Stitch Verification tutorial for instructions on how to get verified.

Billing and Subscription Settings

This is where you can change what services you get from Stitch, as well as how you pay them for those services.

There are three subscription options to choose from:

  • Basic — This allows you to use most of Stitch’s features for free.  However, you can only view 3 new Stitch user profile per day, and cannot use Stitch’s real-time customer support chat or secure calling features.

  • Essential — This allows you to view any number of new Stitch user profiles per day, and gives you access to Stitch’s real-time customer support chat feature.  However, you cannot use Stitch’s secure calling feature.

  • Standard — This unlocks all of Stitch’s features: no limit on how many new Stitch user profiles you can view in a day, plus real-time customer support chat and secure voice calling with other Stitch users.

To change your subscription: 

  1. Click the Select Plan button underneath the subscription that you want.

  2. A confirmation window will pop up, telling you how your access to Stitch’s features will change and whether or not you will be refunded (usually when switching between two paid plans).  Click Confirm to switch plans, or click I Changed My Mind to keep what you have.

  3. If you decide to change your subscription, you’ll have to enter some personal information.  Click in the respective boxes highlighted in the screenshot below and type in your name, address, postal code, and city.  Then click the drop-down menu and select which country you live in.  When you’re done, click Payment Info.

  4. You’ll now have to enter some billing information.  Click in the respective boxes highlighted in the screenshot below and type in your credit card number, your credit card’s expiry date, and your credit card’s security code.  Then click Pay.

If you need any further help or explanations with any of these settings, visit Stitch’s Support Centre at and click on any of the help articles there.  You can also click Contact at the top-right corner of this page, and when the form appears, fill in: 

  • your name (optional)

  • your email address

  • the subject (a quick description of the issue you’re having)

  • your message (a detailed explanation of your question or problem)

Then click Send.

And that’s a quick overview of the different settings that you can change on Stitch!