How to Sign Up for Stitch

Ready to see how Stitch does dating differently for older adults?  The first thing you'll need to do is create an account on the website.  This includes typing in your name, posting a profile picture or two, giving Stitch a phone number to let them get in touch with you in case you need help, and generally telling Stitch who you are and who you're looking for (in terms of distance away, gender, interests, etc.). 

Signing Up for Stitch

  1. Go to in your web browser.  When you reach the main screen, click Sign Up in the top-right corner.

  2. You'll be taken to a screen like the one below.  Click where it says "Email Address" and type in your email address.  Then click where it says "Password" and type in a password that you want to use for your account (it will show up as bullet points to protect it from prying eyes).  Finally, click Sign Up.

  3. On the next screen, you'll be asked to type in your first name.  Click in the box and type in your first name, and then click Next.

  4. The next few screens will just tell you a bit about Stitch.  Just click Next until you can click Start Stitching!, or click the "X" in the top-right corner.

  5. At the next screen, you'll have to fill in some basic information.  The first item is your first name.  If you entered it in step 3, it will show up here automatically.  If you want to change it, click near the end of your name in the box below, press the "Backspace" key on your keyboard until your name is gone, and then type it in again.

  6. Scroll down, and next you'll have to post some profile pictures.  To start, click on any of the squares within the highlighted box below.  (We'd suggest starting with the one that says "Add Main Photo".)

  7. Now, you'll have to select the photo that you want to use, and where you want to get it from.  For the purposes of this tutorial, we'll assume that you want to pick your photo from one that's already on your computer, so we'll stick with the My Computer option.

    The easiest way to do this is to click Choose File, which brings up an explorer window where you can navigate through the files on your computer.  Once you find the file that you want, click on it to select it, and then click Open.

  8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 for any other photos of yourself that you'd like to add.

  9. Finally, you'll be asked about one thing that you like to do but don't have anybody with whom you can do it. Click in the empty box highlighted below and type in what you're looking to potentially do with someone you find using Stitch. Then click Next.

  10. The next step is telling Stitch who you're looking to meet, and why.

    You can choose if you are looking for someone to date romantically, or are looking for someone to do fun things together with.  You can also choose whether you are looking for men or women in this regard.  Click the buttons highlighted in the screenshot to turn these options on (green) or off (grey).

    Next, click either Female or Male here to select your gender.

  11. Next, you'll have to select the geographical proximity in which you want to search for matches.  Click the drop-down menu beside "I Would like to Meet Someone Within" and select an option.

    You can choose between:

    – 100 miles (Driving distance)
    – 500 miles (Train ride)
    – 2000 miles (Airplane flight)
    – Anywhere in the world

    Note that because Stitch is a relatively new service, its user base may not be very large in certain areas, so you may have to pick a larger proximity in order to get any matches.

  12. Scroll down, and Stitch will ask you for your phone number.  This is so Stitch can let you use their secure voice call features and get in contact with you if there's a problem with your account.

    Click on the flag to select the country that you live in from the drop-down menu (so Stitch knows what country code to use if they call you), and then click on the empty box beside it and type in your phone number (Stitch will add the country code automatically).

    When you're done, click Next.

  13. Next, you'll answer a few questions about yourself.  Everything on this page is optional, so if you can't think of a good answer to a question right off the bat, you can come back to it later.  Just remember that the more you fill out, the easier it will be for you to find matches.

    For the "Quick Questions" section, click on the edit button () beside a question to open a box where you can input your answer.  Click in the empty white box that appears, and then type in your best response to the question.  Then click Save.  Or, click Cancel if you don't like your answer, or you aren't ready to answer the question yet.

  14. Scroll down and you'll find two more questions to fill out.  One is some general information about who you are as a person.  The other is some general information about the kind of person you're looking to be a match with.

    Just click in either of the empty white boxes and start typing in what you want to say.  When you're done, click Save.

  15. Scroll down once more, and Stitch will ask you about some activities that you'd like to do together with someone you match with.  Click in the empty white box and type in an activity. 

    As you type, Stitch will suggest possible activities in a drop-down menu; click one to add it to your list.  You can also click Add (your activity) to add the activity manually if Stitch can't find a match for it.Then type in additional activities, if you so choose. 

    Also, if you want to delete an activity that you've already entered, click the "X" beside it.

  16. When you're ready to move on, click Next.

You will be taken to your homepage on Stitch.  Congratulations!  You're ready to start using the service!