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There’s more to Techboomers than just our website!  We have pages on quite a few social media websites, too.  To get to one of them from our website, find where it says “Follow Us!” and click one of the logos highlighted in the screenshot below.

Follow Techboomers social media accounts

They are, in order from left to right:

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • Google Plus

  • YouTube

Techboomers on Facebook


On our Facebook page, you can get general updates on what Techboomers is doing, and discuss with fellow Techboomers users what you like about the website and what you’d like to see from us in the future.  Plus, we’ll occasionally be running polls to determine what websites or Internet services to write lessons for next, so be sure to log on and tell us what you want to learn!

Techboomers Facebook page

Techboomers on Twitter


Our Twitter feed consists of short messages about what we and our partner services are up to.  Share them on your own feed to help us get the word out, or leave us a short message about what you like about our website or what you want to see us do next!

Techboomers Twitter page

Techboomers on Google Plus


Our Google Plus page has some general information about us, as well as how to get to pretty much all of our other social media websites.  You can also see updates from us, and connect with people who like Techboomers as much as you do.  Try leaving a comment on something that you like, or share it with someone you know who might like it.

Techboomers Google Plus page

Techboomers on YouTube


If you’re a person who is better at learning by watching than learning by reading, check out our YouTube channel.  There you’ll find all of our current video tutorials, created and narrated by our very own Alyson McLeod!  Be sure to leave a comment on what you liked about our video walkthroughs, or if there’s something that you think we could have explained a little better.  We’re always looking for feedback to build on!

Techboomers YouTube channel