How to Make Your Twitter Homepage Captivating

Last updated: January 15, 2017 - 1:59pm EST

Each time you log into Twitter, you’ll be taken to your own homepage. You’ll be able to quickly compose new tweets, see what’s trending, and keep up-to-date with people you’re following. It’s almost like your computer desktop, where you can see all of your important files and access them with a quick click. 

Click the yellow circle buttons () in the screenshot below to get an explanation of different things on your homepage.

Twitter Homepage Image Screenhot


Access your profile by clicking here. Also see how many tweets you’ve sent out, the total number of people you are following, and the total number of followers you have.


Compose Tweet

Click here to begin composing a new tweet.



See what Twitter is talking about most here. Click one of the trending topics to see the most recent tweets that include the trending hashtag.



This is your Twitter feed. Everyone’s tweets of the people you are following will show up in this feed. If there are more recent tweets, Twitter lets you know at the top by allowing you to click View [X] New Tweets. This lets you update your Twitter feed without having to reload the entire page.


Who to Follow

Here’s a shortcut to Twitter’s recommendations for people whose tweets you may want to track. You can click Refresh to see a new set of three recommendations, or click View All to see a full list of whom Twitter recommends for you.


Twitter logo

This is the header and will always be at the top of Twitter, no matter which page within the Twitterverse you are on.


Compose New Tweet

Quickly compose a new tweet by clicking here, typing in what’s on your mind here!


Settings (gear icon)

Access your settings, lists, or help; create keyboard shortcuts, edit your profile, or log out from here.



Click here to see any private messages sent to your direct message inbox.



Click in this box, type in a word or name, and press the "Enter" key on your keyboard.  You can find tweets that contain a particular word or phrase, or look up another Twitter user.



Access your profile page by clicking here.



Find a list of recommendations that Twitter has for you – from news outlets to fashion magazines to most-followed people, Twitter will suggest people and things you’d like to hear from most.



If someone has mentioned you in a tweet, if your tweet has been retweeted, or if someone is replying to your tweet, it will show up in your notifications.



Takes you back to your homepage.

And that's a quick tour of your Twitter homepage!


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