How to Change Your Settings on Twitter

Last updated: January 15, 2017 - 2:03pm EST

We’ve already covered security and privacy settings for Twitter, but there are some more settings that you might find useful, like knowing where to change your password or the types of notifications you receive.

To access your settings, click the settings button () in the top-right corner of the header and select Settings.

Here is where you’ll be able to change all of the settings for your Twitter account.  Click the yellow buttons () in the screenshot below to see what settings you can change in each category.



Change your basic account settings. Change the email you’re using for this account, your user name, the primary language that Twitter displays in, and your time zone. You can also filter your content settings based on the country you live in – so you’ll get more relevant tweets – and request a Twitter archive (a downloadable email that contains all of your Twitter history, right up until the first tweet).


Security and privacy

Change security and privacy settings. For more information, check out the Twitter Privacy tutorial.



Update your password quickly and easily here.



Add your mobile phone number to be able to connect to Twitter and receive notifications with your phone.


Email Notifications

Twitter can email you for various reasons, from when your tweets are retweeted to when you’re mentioned to when news and features are updated on Twitter. Simply click the check boxes beside the types of emails you’d like to receive to mark them.


Web Notifications

You can receive notifications in your Internet browser when you’re on Twitter. As with email notifications, you can click the check boxes beside each option to mark or unmark them, depending on whether or not you do or do not want to receive those notifications.



As with the setup, here you can change your profile photo, header photo, name, location, website, and bio. You can also choose to connect with Facebook so that you have the option to post to both Twitter and Facebook at the same time.



Customize Twitter to your liking by choosing a premade theme for your Twitter page.  You can also create your own theme by using a photo that you upload, along with a theme colour and a background colour that make your Twitter page unique to you.



Some phone app(lication)s are able to connect with Twitter. If you have done this for any of your apps, a list of them will show up here.



A widget is a little piece of software that can be installed into Twitter that performs small, limited functions. Widgets can help keep a page or information neatly organized. Twitter does not come with any widgets.

And that's a quick overview of some of the settings you can change on Twitter!

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