Twitter Terms Glossary

Do you know what a Tweet is? What about the Twitterverse? There are probably a few words flitting around Twitter that a new user may not understand. Take a look at our Twitter glossary to find out the most common words and what they mean:


The act of submitting a post to Twitter.

RT or Retweet

Forwarding someone else’s tweets to all of your followers

@ (Mention)

Called a mention, the @ symbol allows you to send a public message to a user by following with their username (eg. @johnsmith). If you @mention, they will be notified that someone has mentioned them.

# (Hashtag)

Called a hashtag, the # symbol marks keywords or topics in a tweet. If a search is done a keyword you’ve used, your tweet will be a part of the results.


The act of tracking someone’s tweets. When you follow someone, they will be notified, and their tweets will show up in your Home Timeline.


Twitter uses an algorithm to find the most popular topics on Twitter right now.


When someone starts following you or mentions you in a tweet, you’ll get a notification letting you know.

TL or Timeline

Your Timeline shows real-time tweets from the Twitterverse. Your Home Timeline shows real-time tweets from those you follow.

Direct Message

Privately message someone who follows you on Twitter.


The world of Twitter. Twitter + Universe = Twitterverse


Overheard or Real Life Retweet is a way for someone to indicate that their tweet is about what they’ve overheard someone say in real life.


#FF or Follow Fridays is a way for users to indicate that they're recommending people to follow on Twitter.


Today I Learned, used to indicate that your tweet is about a fact you learned that day. (e.g. “TIL that the average pasta size is 480% larger than what’s recommended.")


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