UberX vs. UberSelect vs. UberTaxi vs. UberBlack

What are “UberX”, “UberSelect”, “UberTaxi”, and “UberBlack”?

These are all names of tiers of service that Uber provides. Basically, they denote the type of vehicle that you will be getting a ride in, and consequently how much your fare will be (since higher-end cars are more expensive to maintain). There are three others: “UberXL”, “UberSUV”, and “UberLUX”.


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You will be able to select the type of service that you get when you request an Uber ride. Note that not all levels of Uber service will be available in all cities or areas.

Tiers of Uber service


This is the least expensive tier of Uber service. Drivers on this tier use economical 4-door compact sedans that you’ll typically see on the road every day.


This is the second tier of Uber service. Drivers in this tier use lower-end vans and other multi-passenger vehicles (which seat at least 6). This is a good, low-cost option when you need a ride for a large group of people.


This is the third tier of Uber service. Drivers in this tier use 4-door luxury sedans with leather interiors that seat 5 or more people. It’s a step up from UberX.


This is one of Uber’s three professional chauffeur service tiers, and one of its most expensive options. Drivers in this tier use well-maintained 4-door black luxury sedans or crossover SUVs which comfortably seat 4 or more passengers.


This tier is the second of Uber’s three professional chauffeur services. Drivers in this tier use well-maintained 4-door black full-size SUVs that comfortably seat 6 or more passengers. It can be seen as the luxury form of UberXL.


This is the last of Uber’s professional chauffeur tiers. Drivers in this tier use the highest-end models of the same types of vehicles driven by UberBlack drivers. This is the most expensive Uber option, and is only available in select cities.


This is a bit of a unique option, in that in some places, you can request a standard taxi through the Uber app. You will pay the standard taxi rate for your area, plus a booking fee that varies by area (usually only $1 or $2, though). You may also be automatically charged a 20% tip for the driver, depending on the area that you’re in.

How do the costs of each type of Uber service stack up?

With the exception of “UberTaxi” (which we went over in detail as a special case), the following chart will give you an example of the fare costs among the different tiers of Uber service.

NOTE: We’ve chosen to use Los Angeles, California as an example, since all tiers of Uber’s service (besides UberTaxi) are available there.

You can check the rates for each tier of Uber service in your area by going to https://www.uber.com/cities and clicking on the name of the city or urban area closest to you.


That’s an explanation of Uber’s different service tiers!