How to Upload to Flickr

You can simply use Flickr for looking at other people's photos and videos, but you can also upload your own photos and videos to Flickr for others to see!

There are two main ways to upload photos to Flickr.  One way is by using the interface on the Flickr website, which we will cover here.  The other is by using Flickr's "Uploadr" application.

To upload photos to Flickr

  1. Go to in your web browser and click Sign In in the top-right corner.

    Flickr sign in button

  2. Click in the two boxes and type in your Yahoo user name and your account password (respectively).  Also, unless you are using a computer that only you have access to, you may want to make sure that the check box beside "Keep Me Signed In" is not marked (if it is, click it to unmark it).  This ensures that other people cannot automatically access your Flickr account if they use the same computer as you.  Finish by clicking Sign In.

    Sign into Flickr

  3. Once you're on your main page for Flickr, click the Upload button (the little cloud icon with an arrow inside it) in the top-right corner.

    Upload to Flickr button

  4. When you get to the upload screen, click the Add button in the top-left corner to open an explorer window.  This will let you search through your computer for the photo or video that you want to add.  Click on it to select it, and then click Open.

    Add a photo to the Flickr upload screen

    Repeat this step for any other photos and videos that you want to add to Flickr right now.

  5. For each photo that you want to upload to Flickr, you can click on it to edit its details.  Your currently selected photo(s) will be highlighted with a pink outline.

    Settings for Flickr photos to be uploaded

    You have various options that you can change in the left-hand menu.  They are:

    Add a Description — Click here and type in a more detailed explanation of what's going on in this photo.

    Add Tags — Click here and type in key words that describe the subject matter of your photo (separate each one by a space).  These will make your photo easier to search for.

    Add People — Click here and type in the names or email addresses of your contacts on Yahoo to indicate that they are in this photo.

    Add to Albums — Click here to open a prompt for adding a photo to an album; this includes creating a new album and adding a photo to it.  See our Flickr Albums and Collections tutorial for more about creating albums on Flickr.

    Add to Group — If you are part of a group on Flickr, you can add your photo to that group's collection of photos.  See our Flickr Groups tutorial for more about groups on Flickr.

    Owner Settings — Click to see a series of additional settings, and click Edit beside the setting that you wish to change.  Your options are:

         – License: This changes how other people are allowed to use this photo (e.g. can they copy it?  Modify it?  Use it to sell something?)

         – Privacy: You can choose to make your photo visible to everyone, to just your friends and family, or only you.  Additionally, you can choose whether or not your photo can be searched on Flickr.

         – Content: You can choose a safety rating for your photo, so it will not be visible to certain people if it is sexually or violently explicit.  You can also choose to classify your image as a photo, a screenshot, or some kind of artwork that you've produced.

  6. You also have additional options across the top of the screen.

    Commands for Flickr photos to be uploaded

    Remove — Delete the currently selected photo(s) from the upload queue.

    Size — Choose the preview size of the photo(s) in your upload queue.

    Sort — Sort the photos in your upload queue by alphabetical order, or by how recently they were added to your upload queue.

    All — Select or deselect all photos in your upload queue.

    Info — Shows additional information about the photo(s) in your upload queue, such as how much memory space they take up, who can view them, and which photo you last added.

    Rotate — Rotate the selected photo(s) 90 degrees clockwise (i.e. to the right).

    When you are satisfied with the settings for all of the photos that you are uploading, click Upload [X] Photos.  (If you have made any changes, Flickr will ask you to confirm them; just click Upload Photos if you're fine with what you've done.)

Congratulations on uploading your photos to Flickr!