How To Use The GRAND Digital Magazine

Want to have a look inside the latest issue of GRAND Magazine?  The website offers a free version of the latest issue, so you can see what's new in the world of grandparenting.  To access it, simply go to in your web browser, and click under where it says "Click Cover to Open Magazine".

NOTE: You will need Adobe Flash Player installed and enabled on your web browser.  Click here to learn how to install Adobe Flash Player, including finding out if you have it installed already.

Using the GRAND digital magazine

Zooming and navigating the pages

One of the first controls that you should learn is how to zoom in and out, and how to get around on pages when you're zoomed in.  To zoom in, click an empty point on the page (there will be a plus sign beside your cursor), or click the Zoom In button in the top-left corner.

Your cursor will now change to a multi-directional arrow.  To move around the current page, click and hold down the mouse button, then drag the mouse in the opposite direction from the direction of the part of the page that you want to see (for example, if you want to see further to the right, move your mouse to the left).  Release the mouse button when you want to stop moving.

You can also click the plus ("+") or minus ("-") buttons on the bar in the top-middle of the screen to zoom further in or out, respectively; you can also click on a point in this bar to pick a certain level of zoom.  To zoom all the way out, simply click once (don't hold the mouse button down) on an empty space on a page (when the cursor displays a multi-directional arrow), or click Zoom Out in the top-left corner.

Moving between pages

The easiest way to move between pages in the magazine is to click the left and right arrows at the bottom of the page to move to the previous page or the next page, respectively.

There are also controls for moving between pages in the top left corner.  Click First Page to go to the first page of the magazine, Previous Page to go back a page, Next Page to go forward a page, or Last Page to go to the last page of the magazine.

You can also click in the box with the number and type in a number, then press the "Enter" key to go to that number page (if it exists; if it doesn't, you'll just stay on the page that you're on).

You can also click Contents Page to go straight to the "table of contents" page, or click Pages to see a list of all available pages.

A new window will pop up showing you thumbnail images of all pages in the magazine.  Click on an image to go to that page.

Finally, clicking on a story (it will be highlighted and say "Go to Page[X]"), usually on the cover page or contents page, will take you right to that story's page.

Leaving a comment

You can let GRAND Magazine and other people know what you think of a story by clicking on Post a Comment at the bottom of the screen.  (Click this button again to close the window that appears.)

On the left-hand side, you will see a list of articles in this magazine, along with their page numbers and how many comments they have.  Click one to view the current comments on this story to the right.

Now, to comment on the story that you've selected, click in the big empty box in the bottom-right corner and type in what you want to say.  Then, click in the boxes labelled "Name" and "Email" and type in your full name and email address (respectively), and then click Post Comment.

Using interactive content

As we alluded to in the section on moving between pages, if you move your mouse cursor over a section of the magazine page that you can interact with, it will highlight that section, and change your cursor.

Clicking on it will do various things, such as take you to a different page of the magazine (as we mentioned above), open a new website, or play a video.

Other Functions

The top-right corner has other things that you can do with the digital magazine.

Viewing previous issues

Click Archives to open a list of previous issues of GRAND Magazine.  From there, click on an issue name, or a thumbnail image of an issue, to open it.

Share an issue over social media

Click either Share or the cluster of social media website logos (as indicated by the arrows here) to get a web address for the current page to share, send this address to a friend via email, or share this address instantly on a social media website such as Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.

Save this issue to your computer desktop

Click Save to open a prompt that will let you save this issue on your computer desktop by clicking Install Now.

(NOTE: You must have a program called Adobe AIR Runtime installed on your computer to view the magazine offline.  Click here to install Adobe® AIR™ Runtime.)

Print (part of) this issue

Click Print, and then decide which specific pages or range of pages you want to print out.  Then click the Print button in the new window.  Make sure your printer is on and connected to your computer first!

Subscribe to GRAND Magazine

Click Subscribe to go to a new web page where you can subscribe to get the latest issues of GRAND Magazine delivered to your email inbox in an easy-to-read format.  See our How Much Does GRAND Magazine Cost article for more information about subscriptions.


That's a quick tour of how to use the GRAND digital magazine!