How to Use the GRAND Magazine Website

If you just want to poke around on the GRAND Magazine website without actually reading the magazine, that's totally fine.  There are still plenty of stories and pointers about living as a grandparent, plus a few other fun things that you can do!  Sign up for the GRAND Magazine newsletter to get news about being a grandparent delivered straight to your email inbox, share your grandchildren's favourite nickname for you, and show off those cute pictures of your grandkids!

To get started, open your web browser, type into your address bar, and press the "Enter" key.

Things to do on the GRAND Magazine website

View articles

You'll find plenty of articles to read on the home page of GRAND Magazine's website.  Simply click one to go to that article.

You can also click one of the categories across the top (except Nicknames; we'll get to what you can do here later) to see a list of articles that have been filed under that category.  From there, it's the same deal: click an article that you want to read to start reading it.

Under the title at the top of the screen, you can click the date to see other articles posted to GRAND Magazine on this date, the author's name to see other articles posted to GRAND Magazine by them, or a keyword to see articles on GRAND Magazine with similar themes.

There are also keywords near the bottom of the article that will let you do much the same thing.

Finally, if you like this article, you can click one of the sharing buttons here to send it to your friends through email or social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

Sign up for the GRAND Magazine newsletter

If you go back to the home page of the GRAND Magazine website, you will find a box where you can sign up for GRAND Magazine's free newsletter.

You can also find this box at the bottom of most pages on the GRAND Magazine website.

Simply click in the boxes labelled "First Name", "Last Name", and "Email", and type in the relevant information in each respective one.  Then click Sign Up, and watch your email inbox for the latest news on being a grandparent from GRAND Magazine!

Browse cute grandparent nicknames, and the stories behind them

If you click on Nicknames in the menu across the top, it will take you to a list of nicknames given to GRAND Magazine's readers by their grandchildren, which those readers then submitted to GRAND Magazine.  Many of these nicknames also have a brief story behind them.

Click one of the letters highlighted in blue to jump to nicknames starting with that letter, or click Submit Nickname to write an email to GRAND Magazine's editors about YOUR nickname and story!

See pictures of proud grandparents and their lovely grandchildren

Under the section "GRANDma's Brag Book", you can click a picture to see an adorable photo of a GRAND Magazine reader's grandchild or grandchildren, along with a caption describing the photo.  You can also click Click Here for More Photos to see more reader-submitted photos.

Or, if you want to show off your own grandkids, click Browse to find a picture on your computer that you want to send to GRAND Magazine.  (Navigate through the windows, click the picture to select it, and then click b.)  Then click in the box labelled "Image Caption" and type in a brief description of the photo (if you want).  Then click Submit.

Remember, the photo that you choose will be publicly visible on GRAND Magazine, so try not to pick one that's too personal.

See what GRAND Magazine is up to on social media

Under "Connect with Us", click one of the social media website icons (from left to right, they're Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus) to visit GRAND Magazine's page on that website. 

Read a digital version of the latest issue of GRAND Magazine

GRAND Magazine has a digital version of their latest edition online, which you can read for free!  The link to it shows up on most pages on GRAND Magazine's website; simply click the area under "Click on Cover to Open Magazine" to start reading.

See our How to Use the GRAND Digital Magazine tutorial for instructions on all of the different things that you can do in the digital version of GRAND Magazine!

Search GRAND Magazine for something specific

If you want to search for an article on GRAND Magazine that has specific keywords, simply click in the box in the top-right corner next to the Search button, type in the words you're looking for, and then click the aforementioned Search button.

Your search terms will be highlighted in the titles or previews of your search results.  Click Older Posts or Newer Posts at the bottom of the results page to move back and forth through different pages of results, or click the title of a result to go to that story.

Listen to words of grandparenting wisdom on GRAND Radio

At the bottom of most pages on the GRAND Magazine website, you'll see a link to GRAND Radio.  Click it to go to a website where you can listen to stories and interviews by GRAND Magazine on all things grandparenting!  You can even download programs to your computer and listen to them whenever you want!

Get in touch with GRAND Magazine

If you know of a story that you think GRAND Magazine's readers would enjoy, a product that would be fun or useful for those readers, a question that you want to ask GRAND Magazine, or anything else that you want to contribute, click Contact in the top-left corner.

On the new page, fill out the form with your full name, email address, the subject of your message, the message itself, and a security "CAPTCHA" (which basically just makes sure that you're a human and not a robot trying to flood GRAND Magazine's inbox with automated emails).  Then click Send.


That's a quick tour of just about everything you can do on the GRAND Magazine website!