How to Watch ESPN Online

Did you miss a match featuring your favourite sports team?  Want to get caught up on your favourite ESPN sports news program?  Or perhaps you're worried that you won't be able to make it in front of a TV to watch your favourite athlete in their next big game.  Fear not: is here to help, with TV programming schedules, TV show and movie clips, and (under certain conditions) even live broadcasts of ESPN programs!

To watch ESPN online:

Go to and move your mouse cursor over Watch.  Then, click on one of the options that appear in the drop-down menu.  WatchESPN is for live ESPN TV.  TV Listings is an ESPN TV schedule.  SportsCenter/Latest Video are for pre-recorded clips from ESPN.  And ESPN Films is for sports documentaries (both shorts and full-length). watching options

Ways to watch ESPN online


WatchESPN is a service that allows you to watch ESPN programming on your Internet-enabled device (such as your computer or smart phone) instead of your television, if you're on the go.  You can watch programs that are live now or have already aired, or look ahead to see what's coming on soon.  You can also filter content based on a particular sport or ESPN show, or search for programming according to certain keywords.

WatchESPN on

Is WatchESPN free?

WatchESPN is only free in that there is no charge for using it.  However, in order to access its content, you must be subscribed to a television service provider that has ESPN in its default channel package (a full list of these can be found here).  Your user information for that subscription will validate your access to WatchESPN.

TV Listings

The "TV Listings" option doesn't necessarily let you watch ESPN programs online, but it does show you what shows or games are televised on ESPN-affiliated networks: past, present, and future!  You can use the drop-down menus at the top of the screen to set the schedule to a certain date and time (and then click the Go button to set the schedule to that date and time), or use the arrows on either side of the screen below this to browse the schedule 2 hours backward or forward in time. TV channel schedules

SportsCenter / Latest Video

These will allow you to watch clips from recent matches on ESPN channels, or from recent ESPN programs.  You can use the buttons in the video player to start and stop the video, mute or adjust the volume, share the video on Facebook or Twitter, turn automatic playing of the next video in the queue on or off, or enable or disable full screen.

How to use the video player

You can also browse videos from particular sports, leagues, or shows…

How to browse videos

…or search for videos based on particular keywords.

How to search for videos

ESPN Films

ESPN also airs a series of sports documentaries called "30 for 30".  You can use the menu in the top-left corner (and across the top) to select a film that you want to see information about, then scroll down the screen for summaries and director biographies.  Some of the shorter films can even be watched right in your web browser, like other videos on! 30 for 30 films


Those are some different ways that you can watch ESPN online through!  For our next tutorial, we'll show you how to listen to ESPN Radio online through!