How to Watch Hulu on a Computer

Last updated: May 1, 2016 - 12:40pm EDT

The most common way to watch Hulu is right on the website with your desktop computer.  This tutorial will go over how to do so by finding a show to watch, and then controlling the Hulu video player.

How to watch Hulu on your computer

  1. Go to in your web browser and log in.

  2. Browse or search for a show or movie that you want to watch, and click on it to start watching it. 

    Hulu select movie or show to watch on computer

  3. Note that if you select to watch a television show, you may have to select a specific episode.  Scroll to the "Episodes" section and click one that you wish to watch.

    Hulu select episode of show to watch on computer

  4. Here's a look at the Hulu video player.  Note that you need to have the Adobe Flash Player program installed and active in order for it to work.  If you need to install this program (or aren't sure if you have it installed), click here to learn how to do it.

    Click the yellow buttons in the screenshot below to learn how to work it.

    Hulu Player Screenshot


    Click here to start or stop the video.


    10-Second Rewind

    Click here to back the current video up 10 seconds.



    Click to move to the next episode or movie in the list.  You can also move your mouse cursor over it and select a different episode, show, or movie to watch by clicking one that appears in an "Up Next" window that pops up.


    Volume Control

    Move your mouse cursor over this icon and click a point on the bar that appears to adjust the volume that your shows play at.  Or, click the icon itself to mute or unmute the sound.



    Move your mouse cursor over this icon to adjust various settings, such as the quality that the video plays at, whether or not closed captions appear, or whether or not the next video plays automatically after you finish watching the current one.


    Full Screen

    Click here to make the Hulu video player take up the entire screen.


    Social Sharing Buttons

    Click either of these buttons to log into your account on Facebook or Twitter (respectively) and share a link and a message about this show episode or movie over social media.

That's how to watch Hulu shows on your computer in a nutshell!  If you'd like to watch Hulu somewhere other than on your desktop computer, we'll have some information on that in our next tutorial for how to watch Hulu on TV.


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