How Much Does Weebly Cost?

Okay, so we've explained what Weebly is and how it works.  Next, we're going to get a bit into how much Weebly costs to use.  No worries, though, because Weebly is free!  Well, it's free to a point.  If you want certain additional features, you'll have to pay for a subscription.  We'll break that all down below.

Is Weebly free?

Weebly can be used for free.  However, the only features that you get with a free account are unlimited pages for your website, the ability to host your website on Weebly for free, and 500 megabytes of memory space to store extra files.  To get more features and fewer limits, you will have to upgrade your account.

How Weebly pricing works

Weebly's pricing differs depending on which website plan you choose to use on Weebly.  Weebly has four plans: Free, Starter, Pro, and Business.  Weebly Free is free forever.  Weebly Starter costs you $8 U.S. per month, Weebly Pro costs you $12 U.S. per month, and Weebly Business costs you $25 U.S. per month.

Overall, Weebly's lower-tier paid subscriptions give you more value than those of its main competitor,, but its higher-tier paid subscriptions aren't quite as good in terms of value-for-money.

The lists below will outline the prices of all four plans, as well as the benefits of each plan.  Each plan farther down the list contains all of the benefits of the previous one, except where certain upgrades are concerned (e.g. more memory space or lower selling fees).

Weebly Free

COST: free


  • Weebly's powerful drag-and-drop website building tools
  • Unlimited pages for your website
  • Free hosting for your website
  • 500 megabytes of memory space to store uploaded files
  • Premium support via email or instant chat

Weebly Starter

COST:  $8 U.S. per month


  • Free custom domain name for one year ($19.95 U.S. per year afterward)
  • $100 in Google AdWords advertising credit (after spending at least $25)
  • Unlimited memory space to store uploaded files
  • Extra statistics on how popular your website is
  • Customizable footer for your website
  • No Weebly-sponsored advertisements on your website
  • Make an online store with up to 10 different products
  • Sell products with Weebly taking a 3% transaction fee
  • Integrated shopping interface at

Weebly Pro

COST: $12 U.S. per month


  • Priority phone customer support
  • Play audio and videos on your website in high definition
  • Ability to protect certain pages on your website with passwords
  • Search box to help visitors find specific elements of your website
  • Have up to 100 "members" on a website with access to exclusive content
  • Make an online store with up to 25 different products

Weebly Business

COST: $25 U.S. per month


  • Have unlimited "members" on a website with access to exclusive content
  • Give visitors the ability to register as "members" on a website
  • Extra security for your website with secure socket layer (SSL) technology
  • Make an online store with an unlimited number of products
  • Sell products with no transaction fee from Weebly
  • Integrated shopping interface on your domain, not Weebly's domain
  • Ability to sell and manage digital goods
  • Ability to manage your inventory of products on the website
  • Ability to fine-tune shipping and tax costs of sold products
  • Ability to offer coupon codes


That's a quick rundown of how much Weebly costs to use!  Next, we'll review Weebly's pros and cons.


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