What Is Ask.fm and How Does It Work?

Today, there are so many ways to interact with others through online social media websites.  And each website seems to have a unique aspect that distinguishes it from others. Facebook – perhaps the biggest name in social media — was a pioneer of interacting with others on the Internet, and has incredible multi-functionality. Twitter allows you to share your thoughts with the entire world, focussing on short, brief statements. But what about a social media website that has an anonymity factor greater than any other, and is based on the asking and answering of questions?  This is what you get with Ask.fm.

Ask.fm is an online social media website that is based on the asking and answering of questions between users who “follow” each other.  It allows users to share their thoughts publicly by answering questions. Any question can be asked anonymously, so users can protect their identity when interacting with other users.

How does Ask.fm work? 6 ways to get started

1. Sign up for a free Ask.fm account

In your web browser, visit www.ask.fm, and click Sign up. Then fill out some basic information to create an account. Ask.fm profiles are 100% free to use!

Sign up for Ask.fm

2. Add hashtags to your profile to connect with other users

Edit your profile to make it more personal to you, and add “hashtags” with topics that you’re interested in.

Add hashtags to your Ask.fm profile

For example, you can select hashtags such as “music,” “football,” or “Hollywood” to find other users who follow the same topics. This will help you connect with people who are like you, and start getting more Ask.fm followers.

3. Link Ask.fm to your existing social media accounts to find your friends

You can find your friends by linking your account to an existing social media account on Facebook, Twitter, or VK. Just click Friends on the main menu, then click Social, and then select your website. You will be able to see exactly which friends are using Ask.fm, and add them right away!

Add friends to Ask.fm from other social media websites

4. Follow friends, and have them follow you

The way you connect with other users is to “follow” them, and have others “follow” you. Using your hashtags and your friends from other social media websites as a base, start looking at the profiles of other users. When viewing a profile, click Follow under the user’s profile picture to begin following them.

Follow users on Ask.fm

Others can do this as well when they view your profile. Once you have followers and people you follow, you can start asking specific users questions, or ask a question to all of your followers!

5. Ask questions – anonymously or publicly

Ask.fm is all about questions – what can you find out about the people you follow? Ask any question to find out something new, or consider asking questions anonymously if you’re a little shy.

Ask other Ask.fm users questions

6. Answer questions your followers have asked you

Make sure you answer the questions that others ask you as well! This will add more information to your profile and feed, and allow other Ask.fm users to get to know you better.

Answer Ask.fm questions


Now that you’ve learned a little about Ask.fm and how it works, consider viewing our entire Ask.fm course, where we’ll explain how to use the social media website review it, and explain following other users works. But first, check out our next article to learn how you can stay safe while using Ask.fm.