What is CNN.com?

CNN.com is the online accompaniment to the Cable News Network (C.N.N.) series of television channels.  It contains news articles on various topics that include sharing and (sometimes) commenting features, and often picture or video accompaniments.  The website also allows viewing of CNN programs or live TV.

How does CNN.com work?  4 key features of CNN.com

1.  News that matters to everyone

CNN.com has news articles spanning several diverse topic areas, including politics, finance, sports, healthy living, and technology.  Plus, most articles have rich photo and video accompaniments, so you can get the news that matters to you in a way that matters to you.

CNN.com news categories and stories

2.  Keep the conversation going

Experiencing the news on CNN.com doesn't stop at reading it, seeing it, or watching it!  Send an article that you like to a friend via email or one of your social networks.  On some articles, you can even leave a comment or respond to the comments of others to let it be known what you think about an issue.

Comments on a CNN.com article

3. Find a story without needing journalist training

Searching for a particular scoop?  No need to be an ace investigative reporter… CNN.com has simple search options that allow you to find a story by the type of media that it contains and/or when it was published.

The CNN.com search function

4.  See the news as it happens… or happened

If you're subscribed to a television provider that lets you watch CNN on TV, you will have access to CNN Go.  This feature of CNN.com allows you to re-watch CNN programs that have already aired, or even watch ones that are live in progress!

The CNN Go interface


This course will teach you how to get the most out of each of these different features of CNN.com!  For right now, however, we're going to start with a quick review of CNN.com, encompassing what we like and don't like about the website.