What is Eventbrite and How Does It Work?

Last updated: August 9, 2016 - 3:44pm EDT

There are lots of things happening around your town, but how do you find out about them when big venue box offices don't have the information that you're looking for?  Or, say that you're planning a local event, but you don't know how to promote it or efficiently sell tickets.  What do you do?  One place where you can go to plan or buy tickets to attend local events is Eventbrite.com.

So what exactly is Eventbrite?

Eventbrite is an independent platform for hosting or joining local events.  You can create an event and sell tickets for it (or just give them away), invite specific people, or share the event among your friends.  You can also search for events to join based on location, topic, or whether you have to pay or not.

How Eventbrite works: 3 major functions of the event hosting platform

1. Create an event!

What will your event be called?  When and where will it be held?  Who is organizing it?  Will tickets be free, paid for, or donation-based?  Eventbrite's event creation wizard will help you answer these questions and easily walk you through the process of creating your very own event.

Creating an Eventbrite event with the Eventbrite wizard

2. Host an event!

After you create an event, you can do all sorts of things to help make it a success.  Expand your event's presence by publishing it to Facebook!  Create custom promotional codes to help attendees save money on tickets!  Send out email invites!  Manually add attendees who have already paid!  Eventbrite has plenty of tools to help you manage and track your event and its attendees, so you'll be able to host your event with as few wrinkles as possible.

3. Join an event!

Over 2 million events are hosted on Eventbrite every year, from concerts to conferences, from rallies to seminars, and everything in between!  Search for an event that's close to you based on its type or topic, whether it's free or not, or your own custom keywords.  Then, select what kind of tickets you want, pay for them (if necessary), and you're in!

Searching for an Eventbrite event to join


Our Eventbrite course will walk you through the process of setting up an event, as well as how to find and purchase tickets for an event on Eventbrite that you'd like to attend.  We'll also have a word on how much the platform costs to use, as well as some safety precautions.  If you want to hold a local event and let lots of people know about it, or find a live experience to take in near your hometown, consider checking out Eventbrite.


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