What is Flickr?

Last updated: November 3, 2015 - 9:36pm EST

Flickr (pronounced "flicker", like what a candle's flame does) is a storage, organization, and sharing tool for photos and videos.  Created by Canadian company Ludicorp in 2004 and bought by Internet giant Yahoo in 2005, the website experienced a major makeover in 2013.  By that time, it had over 87 million registered users and over 6 billion uploaded photos. 

Flickr has two stated goals.  The first is to give you innovative new ways to organize your photos and videos, as well as information about them.  This not only makes your photos and videos easier for you to find, but it also makes them easier to find and enjoy for other people, too. 

Flickr's second goal is to help you put your photos and videos in front of the people that matter to you.  In that capacity, Flickr has plenty of options for sharing photos and videos across social media accounts, or -- if you're a more private person -- with specific individuals on Flickr or elsewhere.

How does Flickr work?  And why use it?

  • Easy photo storage -- Flickr makes putting your photos and videos on it simple, and gives you plenty of options for customizing the information about them.  Add "tags" and a description to make your photos easier to find and enjoy, or make them private if you want to admire them by yourself.  With 1 terabyte (1000 gigabytes) of memory storage, you'll almost never run out of space for your photos and videos!

    Adding photos to Flickr

  • Organize your photos however you want -- You can place your photos in virtual albums and rearrange them in whatever order you want.  If you want to take things a step further, though, you can create "collections" and organize albums or other collections into a thematic hierarchy or sequence.  You can even create a cool collage based on photos within your collection!

    Building Flickr albums and collections

  • Move your photos where you need for them to go -- Flickr has options that allow you to share the photos you upload instantly on your other social networks, from Facebook to Tumblr, from Pinterest to Twitter.  You can also use plain old email, or even copy a link to your picture and stick it directly in an email, post, or even a website!  Plus, you can download copies of your photos as often as you want, so you'll always have spares on hand in case the original files go missing.

    Sharing your Flickr photos

  • Socialize around snapshots -- Like on many social networks, you can follow the activity of particular users that you like.  Or, you can join a group and share photos with them, and discuss the types of photos that you like (or anything else that comes to mind).  You can even create your own group and see how many members you can get!

    Adding photos or discussions to a Flickr group


We'll teach you how to do all of this stuff and more in our later tutorials.  For now, we'll go over the pros and cons of Flickr in our review.


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