What is IMDb?


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IMDB History

A professional computer programmer launched IMDb, or the Internet Movie Database, in 1990. In 1998, IMDb became a subsidiary of Amazon.com, which was then used as an advertising resource for selling DVDs. 

As of September 2, 2014, IMDb had nearly 3 million titles (including episodes). IMDb catalogues everything from movies, to TV shows (where you can browse individual episodes), actors/actresses and even the production crew. 

Why use IMDB?

What’s that Robert De Niro movie from the late 1980s about Al Capone? Oh, that’s right, it’s The Untouchables.

Who was the main actor in Good Morning, Vietnam?  Of course! Robin Williams!

IMDb allows you to find all movies under the sun, see what your favorite actors have been up to, and even find a particular episode plot. Think of IMDb as the Google Search of multimedia. Look at lists made by other users to get an idea of what to watch (such as “Top ten horror movies of all time” or “Best action movies of the decade”) and watch trailers, interviews or sneak peeks.

For those in the industry, IMDb is a virtual resume – it shows what you’ve worked on or are currently working on, whether you’re an actor, makeup artist, or producer.