What is Stitch?

Last updated: August 4, 2015 - 7:51pm EDT

Stitch (www.stitch.net) isn't your typical "dating for seniors" website.  It isn't even your typical dating website, for that matter.  Sure, Stitch does dating... but there's so much more to it than that.

The team behind Stitch created it with a specific goal in mind: to fight the trend of older adults becoming increasingly socially isolated as they age.  When they conducted a series of demographic studies, they found that many people over 50 who had otherwise fulfilling lives -- a steady job, a loving family, and/or a healthy bank balance -- were still missing something.  They were lonely, and without other people-- be it a "special someone" or just a close group of friends -- with whom to share the rest of their life.

What Stitch understands -- and what many of the most popular dating websites don't -- is that for many older adults, "dating" isn't necessarily about intimacy, romance, or marriage.  It's about finding a person or people with whom you can just have fun and be yourself.  Maybe you'd like to plan a trip halfway around the world with someone, or maybe you'd prefer a kind of loose social club where you can swap the latest gossip over dinner.  With Stitch, it's your choice as to what you want your relationship to be: friends, partners, or something more.


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