What is StumbleUpon?

Here at Techboomers, we're committed to helping you discover and learn about the most popular websites on the Internet.  With that said, we realize that you're a unique individual with specific tastes, so we can't possibly cover every website that you would be personally interested in.  That's where a website like StumbleUpon comes in handy. 

Created in 2002 by Garret Camp and Geoff Smith, StumbleUpon is a website that allows you to use what you like about the Internet to find more of what you like, and to find people who like the same things that you do. 

Why use StumbleUpon?

  • Feed your web wanderlust!  Tell StumbleUpon some of the general things that you like, and then jump to a random web page, video, or picture that is categorized as one of your "interests" with a click of the Stumble button!  You never know what you might find!

  • Whenever you visit a website, or see a photo or video on the Internet, you can let StumbleUpon know whether you like it or not.  StumbleUpon will use that information to show you more of what you like, and less of what you don't.

  • Can your feelings about something you find on StumbleUpon be put into words?  Leave written comments about what you discover, and see what other people who have discovered certain content had to say about it.

  • If you like something that you find on StumbleUpon, you can also share it with someone else via email or social media, or over StumbleUpon directly!

  • Connect with other StumbleUpon users, or even famous brands and celebrities, and wander around in their lists of favourite web content!

Now, get out there and see what you can discover… the Internet is waiting for you!