What Vine Camera Is and How It Works

You've likely heard the phrase "living in the moment." Well, Vine Camera is a popular Internet-based mobile device application that's all about living from moment to moment! It's full of beautiful moments, funny moments, awe-inspiring moments, and thought-provoking moments… millions of short videos that are all creative slices of life. And all of the videos repeat after they finish playing, so you can relive your favourite moments again and again and again!

So, what exactly is Vine Camera?

Vine Camera is an application for mobile devices that facilitates the creating, and sharing of repeating videos that are 6 seconds in length or shorter. You can shoot your own videos, edit them, and share them on your favorite social media platforms, using Vine's special features.

Vine Camera used to be known simply as Vine, but was changed in January 2017 to update with a new interface. Vine is very similar to Instagram, a video and picture application run by Facebook, especially now that you just share it on your own social media websites. Remember, Vine videos are short, so they should be compelling and funny!

How does Vine Camera work?

Simply point the camera on your device at what you want to film, and tap your finger anywhere on the shot. Hold your finger down until you're ready to stop filming, and then let go. From there, you can tap the arrow at the top-right, tap Edit to fix the video, and tap Save when you're done.

Vine video saving

The videos you shoot, you will be saved to your device's storage, but any video can then be shared as well! Simply tap Share after you've saved your video and then choose the platform you would like to share on, so all of your friends can see what you've filmed.

Share a Vine video

3 cool things about Vine

1. There are stories from every walk of life

Even though videos on Vine Camera are very short, there's a surprising amount of variety when it comes to what they can be about. Browse videos on a certain topic, or just see what's popular or trending. You can also search for users, videos, or hashtags by keyword on social media websites, and YouTube has been known to have great Vine videos as well.

Video of child playing baseball

2. Don't just watch; experience!

There are a bunch of things that you can do with videos on Vine, besides watching them over and over. Be sure to "Like" them across social media so you can find them again easily, comment on them (and see what other people have to say about them), or share them on your own accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, or wherever else you want! You can even share them over email with your friends!

Functions for liking, commenting on, and sharing Vine videos

3. Share your creativity

Think you can show people something amusing, profound, or captivating in 6 seconds or less?  If so, take your shot at creating a Vine video!  You can make a new Vine video from scratch using a host of built-in recording and editing tools, or upload a video already on your mobile device.  Then, just add a caption and/or location to your video, choose what people or social networks you want to share it with, and then post it!

Editing an uploaded Vine video

Want to see some examples of things that people have made on Vine?  Check out these editor's picks!


Anyway, that's a brief introduction to Vine Camera! Throughout our Vine Camera course, we'll show you everything you need to know about how to live the Vine life… 6 seconds at a time! That includes downloading the Vine app, making your own 6-second masterpieces, and more! So don't go hanging at the end of your rope… swing to Internet stardom instead with Vine and Techboomers!