What is Weebly? + How Weebly Works

Want to create your own website?  Having a unique website is useful for sharing news, showing off your portfolio of work and skills, or even running your own small business!  However, putting together a professional-looking website doesn't have to be all that daunting.  Weebly.com is here to guide you every step of the way!

So what exactly is Weebly?

Weebly is a website that is used to create and host other websites.  It functions by allowing users to select a template and a type of domain, and then add and customize elements on the website by clicking, dragging & dropping, and typing.  Text, videos, audio, blogs, titles, and more can be manipulated in this way.

Weebly is similar to websites such as Wix.com, Jimdo.com, and Strikingly.com.

How Weebly works: 4 steps to using Weebly

1. Sign up for a free Weebly account.

Signing up for Weebly is quick, easy, and -- best of all -- free!  Simply go to www.weebly.com in your web browser and click Try It Free.  After that, all you need to do is enter your name, an email address, and a password, and you're in!  You can also sign up with Facebook or Google Plus if you want.

Signing up for a Weebly account

PS: If you get a good Weebly website up and running, consider upgrading it to get more storage space for your external files, your own custom domain name free for 1 year, and even a shop for selling stuff!

2. Choose the layout of your Weebly website by picking a theme.

Don't worry; Weebly won't hang you out to dry by having you create your website completely from scratch!  It has several different themes that you can use to start your website off right.  First, pick what type of website you're looking to make... something for a business, something more personal, or a temporary website for an upcoming event, perhaps?  Once you decide on what you want kind of website that you want your theme to reflect, just pick the theme that you want, and away you go!

Choosing a theme for your Weebly website

3. Name your Weebly website by setting up its domain.

Before you get started on your website, you're going to need to give it a domain name.  You can use one on Weebly's servers for free, or you can pick a custom one, or you can use one that you already own.  What encapsulates what you're website is all about?  "cookingtime"?  "wearethelaw"?  "starvingartist"?  Pick one and see if it's available!

Selecting a domain name for your Weebly website

NOTE: Picking a custom domain, or using one that you already own, may require an upgraded Weebly account.

4. Get started making your Weebly website with easy drag-and-drop commands.

Once you have your domain name set up, it's time to get to creating your masterpiece website!  Add as many pages as you want or need to get your message across.  Add titles, text, pictures, videos, audio, and more to give your website all the pizzazz it needs to reach its target audience.  If you don't like the current theme, change it with just a few mouse clicks.  Everything is drag-and-drop, point-and-click easy!

Building your Weebly website by adding and editing elements


Our Weebly course here at Techboomers will help you get the most out of Weebly.  We'll start by covering how much Weebly costs (or can cost) to use, but we'll also be reviewing Weebly's strong and weak points, helping you set your account up, learning the basics of how to make a Weebly website, and even how to shut down your Weebly account (if you no longer want it).  So stick with us, and we'll help you make your website wishes come true with Weebly!


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