When is Evernote Free?

Last updated: October 24, 2016 - 12:27pm EDT

Now that you know what Evernote is and how it works, and the potential safety risks of using Evernote, we’re going to break down for you the potential costs associated with using Evernote. We’ll also explain what Evernote Premium is, and how it differs from the basic version of Evernote. So to get started, is Evernote actually free?

Evernote is free, if you only use the basic version. The basic version of Evernote has many components that can give you a complete experience while using Evernote, and help you organize your notes. You need to pay for Evernote if you want to upgrade to the “Evernote Plus” or “Evernote Premium” plans.

Evernote Premium is the most advanced version of Evernote, one step above Evernote Plus, which has some additional capabilities over Evernote Basic. Premium allows you to get live chat customer support, annotate or search for text in your PDFs and DOCs, scan notes and present them with one click, and more.

Evernote is 100% free if you use the basic version, including downloading popular add-ons to optimize your experience. To upgrade to “Evernote Plus” costs $46.99/year, and gets you slightly more functions that Basic. “Evernote Premium” costs $89.99/year, and provides users with many additional capabilities.

To see the differences in the three plans, check out our chart below:

Comparison of Evernote services and prices


And that’s the basic breakdown of how much Evernote costs. To help you decide if you’d like to start using Evernote, we’ve broken down the pros and cons in our Evernote review. If you’re already an Evernote user, we’ve also got a great list of tips and tricks to using Evernote more efficiently.


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