Why use Twitter?

You can use Twitter in multiple different ways for a variety of reasons. Here are a few reasons to use Twitter:

  • Keep up with friends – Have a conversation with your friends via Twitter. Arrange for a lunch date, or comment on how much fun you guys had the night before.

  • Ask a question – Have a question you can’t answer? Send out a post into the Twitter universe and wait for a response. The more followers you have, the more responses you’ll get.

  • Keep up with the buzz – Use the search function to type in a movie title, band name, sports team, or virtually anything else to see what others are saying about it.

  • Follow your interests – Many different people and groups use Twitter these days – including companies – so following what you like allows you to see what they think and what they’re up to.

  • Share your opinion – Got something on your mind? Go ahead and share it! That’s what Twitter is for, after all.

  • Stay Up-To-Date – Can’t get access to a TV for the six o’clock news? How about the hockey game you’ll be missing? No problem. By following news stations and sports teams, you’ll get a Twitter play-by-play, so you’ll never miss a minute. Even see if your flight may be cancelled due to weather by following an airline.

  • Get Customer Support – If you have a problem or complaint (or compliment) but don’t feel like waiting on hold forever to speak to someone, post it to Twitter. Many companies now have a Twitter account and are faster to respond with it. A plus? Since Twitter is public, it could give you some leverage, because the company will want to uphold its good reputation.

  • See what’s trending – Find out what the world is talking about. With a trending section on Twitter, you’ll see the most popular topics that thousands of people are talking about.


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