How Anyone Can Use Wix Templates to Build a Site with No Coding

One of the things that makes a great CMS for business – or even just for making your personal site look professional – is its large library of website templates. With these basic outlines, you can hit the ground running when designing your site, instead of building it entirely from the ground up – by yourself.

With website design trends changing by the year, it’s important to have a contemporary-looking online presence, and a website template from Wix is a good place to start. They have hundreds of templates to choose from that can help you in a variety of ways.

What is covered in this article

Let’s get started with the basics: what are these templates, and what makes them so easy that anyone can use them – even with no knowledge of computer science or coding?


What are Wix templates and how do they work?

Templates on Wix are pre-made website designs. You can use them as starting points to add and edit elements and create your own unique website, instead of designing a website right from scratch. Wix has many free website templates, but some require a subscription to Wix’s eCommerce plan to use.

Samples of Wix templates

After you start a new website, you can search for a template by category or keyword. Wix will also show you some general information and advice about each template, as well as whether or not you have to pay to use it. You can even view what a template will look like on either a standard computer or a mobile device, which can be important depending on which devices you predict users will access your site with the most. Then select one to get started!


How to add a Wix template to your website

Wix will automatically let you choose a template to use for your website once you start creating it, so there’s no need to go hunting for them – they’re right in front of you from the get-go!


Once you select a template for a website, that’s the one you’re stuck with! You can’t use multiple templates for different parts of a website, and you can’t change a website’s template unless you delete the website and start over. The only partial exception is if you create a website using Wix’s Artificial Design Intelligence (A.D.I.) system.

1.  Go to and log into your account.

See our tutorial on how to use Wix if you need a refresher on the basics.

2. Create a new website.

From your main dashboard, click the My Sites menu, and then click Create New Site.

Creating a new Wix site with no prior sites

Creating a new Wix site when you have a prior site


If you already have at least one website on Wix, you can also click the Site Actions menu on your dashboard and select Create New Site from there.







3. Select a theme for your website.

Wix will ask you what you plan on using your website for. Click one of the options presented to you to continue.

Choosing a theme for your Wix website

4. Choose to build your website manually.

You will next be asked whether you want to let Wix automatically generate a website for you (based on how you answer a set of questions), or to design it on your own. To start a website from a template, click Choose a Template.

Basing your Wix website on a template

5. Browse or search for a template to use.

You will now see the templates interface on your screen, beginning in the category that you picked in step 3.

On the left-hand side, you can click the options under “View By” to see New templates, the Most Popular templates, or Blank Templates (minimalist ones without a lot of content already on them).

Searching or browsing for a Wix template to use

Under “Categories,” you can click a category to see templates listed as that category.  If you click a category (or the arrow icon beside it), you may be able to see sub-categories that will help you narrow down what type of template you’re looking for.  Or, you can just click See All Templates to see all available templates on Wix.

You can also click the line beside the magnifying glass and type in a keyword (or more), and Wix will search for templates that contain those keywords.

6. View a template’s info and options by moving your cursor over it.

When you move your mouse cursor over a template on the right-hand side of the screen, the view will switch from a desktop-centric view to a mobile-centric view of the template.  Here, you can see what kind of subscription package you need in order to publish a website with this template (see our article on Wix pricing).

You can also click Info to see a short description of this template, as well as what kind of website or job it is best suited for.  (Click the “X” to close the info window.)

Viewing info on a Wix template

Click View to look at a preview of what the template looks like, or click Edit if this is the template that you want to use for your website.

7. Test out a template’s preview to help you make a final decision.

If you click View, a sample version of the website template will appear in a new browser window or tab.  From here, you can interact with the template as if it were an actual website.  You can also click the desktop monitor icon or smart phone icon to switch between seeing a desktop-centric view of the website and a mobile-oriented view of the website.

Changing the layout type of a template preview

If this is the template that you wish to use, click Edit This Site.


10 best Wix template categories for your business

Wix has templates for plenty of different styles of websites. But if you’re looking to turn your site into a flagship for your trade, here are the categories you should look at.

1. Designer templates

An example of a designer website template

Includes: Fashion, Textiles & Fabrics, Interior Decorating, Jewelry, Graphics, Art

Best for: When you’re the creative type, but have something (a product or service) to sell as well

2. Online Stores templates

Sample of an online store website template

Includes: Clothing & Apparel, Makeup & Beauty Products, Plants, Equipment, Home Decorating

Best for: Any time you have products to sell that require an ecommerce store setup

3. Events templates

Sample of an events website template

Includes: Conferences, Meetups, Event Planners, Event Venues, Celebration Services

Best for: Businesses that rely on bringing people together – or that specialize in making that happen

4. Blogs & Forums templates

Sample of a blog/forum website template

Includes: News, Travelers, D.I.Y., Lifestyle, Food & Diets, Style & Design, Beauty, Business

Best for: When you’ve got a lot of content to present, and need to sort your work into categories

5. Photography templates

Sample of a photography website template

Includes: Events, Portraits, Commercial, Editorial, Travel, Documentary

Best for: When your pictures say more about your business than words ever will

6. Business templates

Sample of a business website template

Includes: Consulting, Law Practice, Pet Care, Construction, Maintenance, Marketing, Real Estate

Best for: When you’re running a serious business, and need a look of authority behind your site

8. Restaurants & Food templates

Sample of a restaurant/food website template

Includes: Catering, Restaurants, Cafes, Bakeries, Bars, Clubs

Best for: When you want to showcase what your customers can eat or drink

9. Travel & Tourism templates

Sample of a travel/tourism website template

Includes: Hotels, Bed & Breakfasts, Apartments, Hostels

Best for: Showing off your neighborhood’s charm to visitors from out of town

10. Music templates

Sample of a music website template

Includes: Musicians, DJs, Producers, Artists, Choirs, Festivals, Music Venue, Record Labels

Best for: Anyone in the music business who needs a way to show off their talents and services


Other business resources to complement your Wix website

Once you get your site on Wix up and rolling with the help of a template, here are some other things you can do to make your business stand out on the web.

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