Wunderground Review

Thinking of making Wunderground your go-to source for quick information on weather both local and elsewhere?  Here are some things you'll want to consider.


  • Won't wallop your wallet — Most of Wunderground's services are free, and its extra subscription services don't cost much money either (about $10 per year).

  • What you need to know, when you need to know it — Wunderground uses a mix of data from local weather stations all around most cities and towns in the world to offer detailed weather maps that are updated in very close to real time.  This means that you'll be able to track anything developing in your area and respond appropriately.

  • Become a weather whiz — Wunderground also includes a lot of other useful or interesting weather information, such as natural disaster history and likelihood, air quality, astronomic events, or even what the weather's going to be like when you go cheer on your local sports team.


  • It's raining ads — Because Wunderground is a mostly free service, it uses advertising to support itself.  Try to ignore them as best you can.

  • Interface may be partly cloudy — Some people think that the website is harder to use, now that they've changed their interface.  Fortunately, we at Techboomers are here to help you learn how to use it!

The Bottom Line: 9/10

Even though Wunderground was one of the first weather information websites on the Internet, it has kept up with the times.  By relying on standard weather data, contributions from its dedicated user community, and analysis from its team of meteorology experts, Wunderground delivers some of the most varied and comprehensive weather information around.  And most of it is free, too. 

The main downside is that there's so much information, it can be a bit overwhelming to figure out how to use everything on Wunderground to find what you need.  Techboomers will walk you through how to use some of the most common tools on Wunderground to get that forecast you're looking for.