Wunderlist for PC

So, we've shown you around Wunderlist.  But you may not want to have to go to the Wunderlist website every time that you want to use the application.  Fortunately, that's fixable, since Wunderlist can be used on a variety of different devices.  This lesson will show you how to get the Wunderlist application up and running for your desktop computer.

How to download and install Wunderlist for PC

  1. Go to www.wunderlist.com and click Download in the menu across the top.

  2. Scroll down and click on the name of the device that you wish to download Wunderlist for.  In our case, we'll be selecting Download for Windows 7 & 8.

    When the save prompt appears, click Save File.

  3. Use the explorer window that appears to select where on your computer you wish to save the setup program for Wunderlist.  Then click Save.

    (NOTE: If you aren't given a choice as to where you wish to save the Wunderlist setup program, and the program begins downloading immediately, check your "Downloads" folder.)

  4. Find the location on your computer where you saved the Wunderlist setup program, and double-click it to start it.  (Click Run if you receive a notice about opening the file, and then click Agree to say that you will use Wunderlist according to its rules.)

  5. Wunderlist will begin installing.  When it finishes, click Close.

  6. As part of the installation process, Wunderlist will create a shortcut on your desktop.  Just double-click it to start Wunderlist!

  7. From here, you can create a new Wunderlist account (if you haven't already) or sign in.  These actions, as well as what lies beyond, are pretty much the same as they were in our How to Use Wunderlist tutorial.


That's how to get Wunderlist started on your desktop computer!